Series Review - Halo NightFall

The Series
Halo NightFall is a five episode miniseries that came out at the same time as the Halo Master Chief Collection. The series focuses on the character of Locke, this character will play heavily in the story of Halo 5, and his trials while investigating a terrorist attack on the planet of Sedra.  The first thing that you notice is the production value on this series. The series has the look the of the game down and it looks amazing. A big step above Forward Unto Dawn, you can tell that Microsoft is intent on getting the Halo series into more media and are doing what they can to make it a successful venture. I also want to give the actors some props as I felt that they did a good job especially with what they were given to work with. I felt like the first two episodes were really good but at the third episode, to me is where the series goes down hill. The problem as I saw it was the fact that they kept trying to pull from many different series. Also the writing is not that good. This is why I won't blame the actors on this particular review because I just feel that the writing is that bad at points. One thing that can be said about this is that you can see where the series can get better. As far as setting the story for Locke, I think Mike Colter does a good job in the role and I look forward to seeing where this series will go.

For Parents
This series is kind of hard to describe as it pulls from many different genres. One episode may be action adventure and the next may be sci-fi horror. There is some foul language but nothing as bad as say a PG-13 movie. There are times where the series goes for the cheap jump scare, it shouldn't effect anyone that watches movies or The Walking Dead as it is usually telegraphed far in advance. All in all it is perfect for teens and adults, in my opinion.

The Verdict
If you are a fan of the video game series then you probably have already watched the series. If you are a casual watcher of TV and NetFlix series I would say its an okay series to watch while you're doing other things. The first two episodes were amazing in my opinion but the series fumbled the ball in the last three but it was still watchable.

Here is the link to the review discussion I did with my good friend Mizzah Tee of the Mizzah Tee Show
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Here's the Trailer for the series

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