Film Review

Batman vs Robin

The Movie
The newest DC animated feature is a rather interesting one, in my opinion. Batman vs Robin plays like a sequel to Son of Batman and picks up some time after that film. The art, music, and overall tone is the same as that film. I don't want to give to much away but this feature introduces one of my favorite Batman stories from the New 52 and that is the Court of Owls. I like the way that they are introduced into the story and how the plot is taken from that story arc. Once again the voice acting is superb, while I am admittedly a Kevin Conroy fanboy (he will always be my favorite Batman just like Mark Hamill will always be my favorite Joker) Jason O'Mara does a very good job as well as the entire cast. The art style is the same as Son of Batman so if you have an issue with that I don't really know what to say, personally I think that it looks great. The action sequences are really good in this movie and for the most part add tension to the dramatic elements in the story. Now to what I didn't like with the feature. While I did enjoy the action in the film I didn't like the actual Batman/Robin fight. I felt like if Bruce wanted to stop him he simply would have. For some reason, and this is just me, I feel like they make Damian way to good for his age. Look I know he was trained by Ra's but he's still only what 12, he has nowhere near the experience to be fighting on equal terms with Batman and Nightwing. Like I said I just found that to be a little bit unbelieveable. Another thing that I didn't like was what they did with the character of Talon. Let's just say that they don't follow what happened in the comic with that character and to me that's a real shame as I like him in the comic.

For Parents
Its your standard DC/WB animated feature. There is some violence and strong language in the film but if your children have seen any of the other films then it shouldn't be an issue. Obviously this isn't for little children but I'd say 12 and up should be just fine.

The Verdict
I enjoyed it. I think it is a worthy addition to the animated collection. I give it a definite FULL PRICE BUY. It is a quality dvd and the extras have some great additions on them to help non comic readers with some of the characters in the film.

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