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Game Review - Splatoon

Available on Wii U

The Game
This is the game that has caused a lot of people to lose their ever loving mind and not in a good way. Be that as it may, after playing the test fire and now getting to play the full game I have to say that it is a lot of fun. While it is true that Nintendo made some odd choices with this game it is still a whole lot of fun. This game is meant to be Nintendo's take on the online shooter genre. There is a lot to like here, especially from a gameplay point of view. It is in the gameplay that this game really shines. As of now the online mode, Turf Wars is a 4 on 4 battle where players are tasked with covering the arena in their teams ink. The team with the most area covered wins. Yes, it is just that simple. Matches in Turf Wars, however, last only three minutes and this can make for some very intense scrambles to try and secure victory in those last sixty seconds. Now you can't have a shooter without having different weapons and loadouts. Most of the …

First Impressions - Splatoon Global TestFire

Demo Available on Wii U

The Demo
Well I finally got to play the test fire yesterday afternoon. I have to admit the game was a lot of fun, despite the issues that they had with the connection. When the demo started I was able to create my own inkling and I did like the tutorial as well. The game to me plays very fast and I like that, the 3 minute Turf War matches were fluid, fast, and fun. I did like the weapon sets they presented, however, I would make a few changes. The game pad use is important to game play and while I understand the issues people have with the gyro controls, it wasn't a problem for me. Mostly because I am used to using the Wiimote and Chuck on games like The Conduit 1 & 2 and Call of Duty. It was very easy for me to pick up and play, I also like that the objective is to get more turf in your team's color to win and not focused on kills per se. After playing the demo I do not believe that this game is the tactical shooter that some were saying it is; that…

First Impressions - Assassin's Creed Chronicles

Available on PS4, XBONE, & PC
version played PS4

The Game
Well if Ubisoft isn't going to give us a full, console release Asian Assassin's Creed game I will at least give this one its paces. First thing you notice about this game is that it is a side scroller (one of my favorite genres by the way) and in 2.5D. This game takes place in China and centers on Zhao Jun as she exacts revenge on the Tigers, the templars that wiped out the Asian Assassins. Even though the game is a side scroller the game is still heavy on the stealth ala Mark of the Ninja. At the end of each section you are graded on how well you do, once again the game is about stealth not mindless violence (man do I wish it was about mindless violence) and the grades reflect that with Shadow Gold being the best rating to be achieved.

The Graphics
Its a 2.5D game and it looks pretty good in game. I like the environments that are presented so far. In the beginning you start the game off in a prison and if you have wat…

Game Review - Tales of Graces f

Available on PS3 & Wii (if you're in Japan)

The Game
First off let me apologize for the lack of blogposts lately. I just got settled into my apartment and I haven't had the chance to sit down and collect my thoughts. Now I have so let's jump into this review. If you know me by now you know that I am a big fan of JRPGs, especially the Tales series of games. This game originally came out on the Wii in Japan in 2009 and got the PS3 HD treatment in 2010. It came out in the states in 2012 only on the PS3 (thanks Nintendo of America). If you have played any game in the Tales of series then this game will feel both familiar and new at the same time. Familiar in the fact that story wise the games usually follow the same format. A group of friends go on a coming of age story to save the world from maniacal douchebag. The way the series differentiates itself is in the artstyle and the combat. Each game looks different and its world is set up differently but still keeps the Tales …

Film Review - Avengers 2

Avengers Age of Ultron
The Movie
Well its May and you know what that means for movies, its Summer Blockbuster time. Starting us off this year is the sequel to the 2012 hit Avengers. I am going to try to keep this review spoiler free. Unless you have been under a rock you should know by now how Marvel movies work. Also if you are a fan of Joss Whedon's work you should know how this is going to turn out. That being said I have to give it up to Joss and the crew at Marvel, they did a great job. I thought that this movie may suffer from a sequelitis but it does not, following the first movie was going to be tough and in my opinion they did a very good job. The movie has great pacing, action, and most of all acting. There are a lot of cameos here with Falcon, War Machine, and Dr. Solveig showing up oh and as always Stan Lee has a cameo as well. Tonally, the movie tries to up the stakes with the villain Ultron played by James Spader. Spader does a great job with the character in my opini…