First Impressions - Assassin's Creed Chronicles

Available on PS4, XBONE, & PC
version played PS4

The Game
Well if Ubisoft isn't going to give us a full, console release Asian Assassin's Creed game I will at least give this one its paces. First thing you notice about this game is that it is a side scroller (one of my favorite genres by the way) and in 2.5D. This game takes place in China and centers on Zhao Jun as she exacts revenge on the Tigers, the templars that wiped out the Asian Assassins. Even though the game is a side scroller the game is still heavy on the stealth ala Mark of the Ninja. At the end of each section you are graded on how well you do, once again the game is about stealth not mindless violence (man do I wish it was about mindless violence) and the grades reflect that with Shadow Gold being the best rating to be achieved.

The Graphics
Its a 2.5D game and it looks pretty good in game. I like the environments that are presented so far. In the beginning you start the game off in a prison and if you have watched any of the kung-fu theatre movies from the 70's and early 80's it reminds you of those type prisons. The cutscenes are handled in a paintbrush style that may turn some people off, personally I like it, I think it adds to the ambiance. The game does have voice acting in it and it switches between English and I can't be certain but I want to say Cantonese. The Cantonese parts are usually in game and between guards or other NPCs. Other than that I think the graphics are decent for a budget title.

The Combat
Here is where I think the game suffers. In my opinion, the combat is not tight at all. Commands come a second late from when you input them and in a fight that isn't good. It may get better but at the point I am in the game I am not holding out faith for that one. To me it seems like the developers want the focus on stealth kills. It's best to stick to the shadows and take out enemies like that then trying to fight them head on as the combat controls are just to unrealiable.

All in all, for a game that is $9.99 its not bad. The side scrolling elements are cool and the stealth parts of the gameplay make it feel like a mix between Assassin's Creed and Arkham Origins Blackgate. Check out the trailer and gameplay from the Game Cafe YouTube Channel.


Gameplay from the Game Cafe

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