First Impressions - Splatoon Global TestFire

Demo Available on Wii U

The Demo
Well I finally got to play the test fire yesterday afternoon. I have to admit the game was a lot of fun, despite the issues that they had with the connection. When the demo started I was able to create my own inkling and I did like the tutorial as well. The game to me plays very fast and I like that, the 3 minute Turf War matches were fluid, fast, and fun. I did like the weapon sets they presented, however, I would make a few changes. The game pad use is important to game play and while I understand the issues people have with the gyro controls, it wasn't a problem for me. Mostly because I am used to using the Wiimote and Chuck on games like The Conduit 1 & 2 and Call of Duty. It was very easy for me to pick up and play, I also like that the objective is to get more turf in your team's color to win and not focused on kills per se. After playing the demo I do not believe that this game is the tactical shooter that some were saying it is; that's not to say that there won't be a mode that is more strategic but Turf War is not strategic at all and that's the only mode people who have done the test fires have been able to play. I don't believe that this game needs voice chat for two reasons: 1. its a matter of personal opinion and I've only played Turf War which its not needed for that and 2. everything a player needs is on the gamepad. During the times I played you could tell when a teammate was in trouble because there was a DANGER tag by there name. What I will say is I think that on the different maps they need more jump points and make it where you can jump to particular point without having to respawn. I found that to be a little annoying yesterday as I played when my team would ink up a certain area we couldn't jump to another area, or at least I couldn't find a way to do that.

The Graphics
It looks good. The game is lighthearted in tone and I think that it goes with the graphics of the game well. The inklings themselves are detailed and the weapons and environments were well done in the demo, in my opinion, at least. The Skate Park tutorial and the Salt Spray Rig looked great as well and I can see how learning the layout of the different maps will come in handy when the game releases.

Final Say
For a demo it wasn't bad, however, I really wish it would have been longer. I think this game has a lot of potential despite the cascade of negativity that it has been getting lately. I truly believe that this game will give developers new ideas in to the shooter genre and hopefully it does well enough so that even 3rd party dev's and others will let their creativity shine and give gamers something new in the shooter genre instead of militaristic stereotype number 491. I look forward to this game and will be playing when it releases on May 29th.


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