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First Impressions - Batman Arkham Knight

Available on PS4, XBONE, & PC; version played PS4

The Game
This is the third entry in RockSteady's Arkham games and picks up where Arkham City left off. I won't get into story specifics in this impression as I don't want to spoil it for anyone. I am about three hours into the game and I have to say I am impressed. Rocksteady has done a great job visually with this game. I am personally glad that this game was built for the current gen platforms. This allows the game to take full advantage of what these platforms have to offer. The game plays a lot like the previous entries in the series, so there is some familiarity with the controls making it easy to jump into the game.

Graphically speaking the game is beautiful. Gotham looks like it does in the comics. The character models are also well done. The gameplay is the same as it was in the previous entries. With stealth takedowns being the order of the day for most combat situations. The new addition to the…

Film Review - Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission

The Movie
I finally got a chance to see this movie of one of my favorite anime series. The film was originally released in Japan on December 27, 2013. If you have followed the series it takes place during the Chimera Ant arc of the anime. Gon and Killua have come back to Heaven's Arena to cheer on their good friend Zushi who is currently a Floor Master. While there they become involved in a battle with some mysterious people who want revenge against the Hunter Association for crimes against their people. That's the general gist of the movie. The animation is great, Madhouse did an excellent job on this movie. It was well paced and I found the story to be pretty deep and engrossing. It also helps that the author of the series collaborated and helped with the movie. To me that is always a plus in my book. All of the fan favorite characters are here, Leorio, Kurapika, Gon, Killua, Netero, and even Hisoka. For an action packed movie they all have their chance to shine and show off…

e3 2015 - Microsoft Conference

Microsoft Conference
I have to give it to Microsoft, in my opinion they had the best conference. They kept their focus on gaming and not just gaming for next year but titles that will be coming out this year. Just like my previous posts I will be showing my favorite games from the conference and games that I really didn't care for all that much. Before I get into the games though I do want to say one thing in regard to the Backward Compatibility that Microsoft has finally decided to go through with. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!! That is all, now on to what I liked.

The Games
It goes without saying that Halo 5 Guardians is a game I am looking forward to playing. Add to that they have Nathan Fillion providing voice over and I am one seriously happy fan. Of course they showed off the multiplayer Warzones and it looks amazing, 10/27/15 can't get here fast enough.

Recore is a game from Keiji Inafune's Comcept studio and former members of the Metroid Prime team. The game itself looks kind …

e3 2015 - Nintendo and the Digital Event

Nintendo at the show
So its going to be a little difficult giving my thoughts on this one because the Treehouse event is still going on and will be going on through Thursday. So in an effort to be fair I will just give my thoughts on what I have seen so far. I won't be going over the Sunday direct because already did a post on that one.

The Digital Event
Boy is this one gonna hurt. I would be lying if I said expectations were not high after last year's e3 for Nintendo. Nintendo went with another digital event this year which is to be followed by the Treehouse Live for e3 just like last year. I watched the event twice because when I first watched it I was at work checking it out during lunch and I couldn't watch the whole thing but the part I saw I thought was fine. So I check G+ before I go home and people were .38 hot, I'm talking pissed the hell off at the event. I get home and watch it again and I although I thought it was lackluster I wasn't pissed at the presen…

e3 2015 - The Sony Conference

The Conference
So this year for my blog I decided that I will devote an entire entry to each of the big three and the first conference I want to tackle is Sony's. Out of the gate Sony allowed the majority of their presence at e3 to be about the games. Now it is true that most of these titles are coming out next year but we knew that already. Even still there were surprises thrown in that got some great crowd reactions. The presenters this year for the most part were a little flat to me. It is still funny to me to see Shawn Layden try to make people clap, that part gets me everytime. There conference was about an hour and a half and while there was a lot of games shown there were a few that caught my eye. So what I am going to do is talk a little about my top three games that I liked from the conference and the one game I could have done without.

Games - Da Good
First up is the Guerilla Games title Horizon Zero Dawn. Now this game looked amazing to me. It kind of reminded me a littl…

e3 2015 Nintendo

Nintendo opens up e3 2015

First out the gate was Nintendo with a Super Smash Bros Content Approaching Direct. There was plenty to love in this short direct, especially if you are a fan of Smash Bros.
The direct itself clocks in at a little over eighteen minutes. Sakurai himself was on hosting duty and sense there was a lot discussed I figure it is just easier to break the review down in to sections. First Up.

Although it was leaked on Saturday, today we got the confirmation that not only is Lucas back but also Roy from Fire Emblem and Ryu from the Street Fighter series. Lucas for the most part plays exactly like he did in Brawl, so fans of him should have no issue jumping back into the swing of things with him. Roy was not in Brawl and on a personal note I did miss him (sorry just not a fan of Ike). He's back now and his moveset appears to be in tact from Melee. If you don't know he is like Marth but he is a tad slower, has a sword that deals out flame damage, and wh…

TV/Netflix Review - Sense8

Available on Netflix - 12 Episodes

The Series
I'm going to be honest with you guys. I had high hopes for this series. The trailer was awesome and me being a fan of sci-fi and the Wachowski's I was really looking forward to this series. For this review I would like to start with the things I had a problem with and then move to what I thought was done right in the series. This story revolves around 8 unique people each from a different part of the world and each having their own set of problems are linked mentally and are hunted by those who see them as a threat (paraphrased synopsis). For me this is where the problems begin, its the same problem I had with Heroes, there are just some characters I don't care about in the slightest. On top of that its only twelve episodes and for a show that portrayed itself as a thriller, its pacing is a detriment. It takes forever to get going and before you say 'well you need to take your time to set up a great story', my counter to…