e3 2015 - Microsoft Conference

Microsoft Conference
I have to give it to Microsoft, in my opinion they had the best conference. They kept their focus on gaming and not just gaming for next year but titles that will be coming out this year. Just like my previous posts I will be showing my favorite games from the conference and games that I really didn't care for all that much. Before I get into the games though I do want to say one thing in regard to the Backward Compatibility that Microsoft has finally decided to go through with. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!! That is all, now on to what I liked.

The Games
It goes without saying that Halo 5 Guardians is a game I am looking forward to playing. Add to that they have Nathan Fillion providing voice over and I am one seriously happy fan. Of course they showed off the multiplayer Warzones and it looks amazing, 10/27/15 can't get here fast enough.

Recore is a game from Keiji Inafune's Comcept studio and former members of the Metroid Prime team. The game itself looks kind of weird but it has a charm that has me interested to learn more about this title. The trailer they showed at the event really piqued my interest in this particular little gem.

Cuphead is a game that is right up my alley. Anyone that knows me knows that cartoons hold a special place in my heart. Add to that, I am a fan of differing art styles and love to see that in games. This game looks amazing and will be a day one purchase for me.

Okay seeing as how the N64 is my favorite gaming console ever and when Rareware was with Nintendo magic was truly made, I have to say I am loving the Rare Replay. In the collection they are giving 30 titles for 30 bucks and it comes out this year. Needless to say I will own this collection DAY ONE.

The last thing that really blew me away was the Hololens. Tony Stark would be proud, that he would. The real life applications of that tech is unbelievable. I may not be able to afford it at launch but it is on my "Want" list that is for sure. They showed it with Minecraft and I would love to see it with other games. The potential for this is off the charts.

There wasn't much that I didn't like about the presentation. However, I have to say I didn't like the Elite Controller reveal. I really don't like the price but that is a whole other issue entirely. I understand why people would want it but for me personally I just didn't care for it.  I also didn't care for some of the CG only trailers. For example, Dark Souls 3 and Rise of the Tomb Raider. Don't get me wrong I think both games will be awesome (well Tomb Raider at least) but I would have liked to see some gameplay as well.

I think that this was the best conference of e3 2015. Like I stated earlier they kept the conference gaming centered and showed games that will be releasing this year as well as a few titles that will release next year. I also liked how they had some of the Indie Developers come on stage to talk a little about the games that they were making. All in all great job.

The Conference

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