e3 2015 - Nintendo and the Digital Event

Nintendo at the show
So its going to be a little difficult giving my thoughts on this one because the Treehouse event is still going on and will be going on through Thursday. So in an effort to be fair I will just give my thoughts on what I have seen so far. I won't be going over the Sunday direct because already did a post on that one.

The Digital Event
Boy is this one gonna hurt. I would be lying if I said expectations were not high after last year's e3 for Nintendo. Nintendo went with another digital event this year which is to be followed by the Treehouse Live for e3 just like last year. I watched the event twice because when I first watched it I was at work checking it out during lunch and I couldn't watch the whole thing but the part I saw I thought was fine. So I check G+ before I go home and people were .38 hot, I'm talking pissed the hell off at the event. I get home and watch it again and I although I thought it was lackluster I wasn't pissed at the presentation as bad as some people were.

Lets start with what I liked and thought was okay. First the Iwata, Reggie, and Miyamoto muppet thing was pretty funny to me. So the event begins with our first look at Star Fox 0. I liked the look of it and from what was shown it looks good even though its an obvious early build. Nintendo also provided a release window for the game of holiday 2015. So I expect that game to look and play even better by the time it releases.

Another game I liked was Mario Tennis Ultra Smash. I don't know why but the game just looked good and somehow reminded me of the Prince of Tennis anime (love that anime by the way). The trailer for it was great and I had to move it to the will get at some point list in my gaming budget. For some reason I always find myself enjoying the gameplay of the Mario sports titles, yes they look stupid, yes they are over the top, but if I wanted reality I would pick up whatever professional sport game is coming out.

The last one I am going to put on here should be a no brainer at this point and that is the Xenoblade Chronicles X trailer that was shown. There was also a release date at the end of the trailer and the game is set for release in North America on 12/04/15. I am really looking forward to that game. I hate that its coming out so late in the year but hey at least I get the chance to cut through my backlog before it comes out.

Now to what I didn't like about the event. I think that once again there was to much focus on the 3DS. Sometimes it can feel like the Wii U is the red headed step child in terms of how they show content for the system. Also, the Metroid Prime Federation Force game that was the one that I think killed it for a lot of people. A lot of Nintendo fans want a Metroid game on the U and I don't think this went over well with those fans. Then there is the Treehouse events that are showing games that in my opinion should have been in the direct. For example, Fatal Frame is coming out in October but it was not shown in the event but right after it was over. Another game that should have had a presence in the event, Fast Racing Neo (of which as of the time of this posting just finished the Treehouse playthrough of that game) and it looks amazing but why wasn't that in the Event. Those are two examples of games coming to the U that weren't in the Event. That is why I believe that the event was a failure. Yes, a lot of the games we knew about ahead of time but I think that the situation could have been salvaged had they swapped a couple of games out of the Event and put them in the Treehouse showcase and vice versa.

The Treehouse
Just like last year the Treehouse Event is where you get to see the games in action. No CGI trailers, just real people playing the games with developers discussing what is going on. This is one of the best things that Nintendo has come up with because as much as gamers get hyped about trailers, to see a game in action and see a person playing it and knowing that it works is great for everyone. I honestly wish Sony and Microsoft would do this with their games at some point.

The Digital Event was lackluster but far from there worst appearance at e3 that honor still goes to e3 2009 and Wii Music. However, when you add in Sunday's pre event and the Treehouse Live Event it really hasn't been a bad showing. Just an underwhelming one, at least that's my opinion of the event. So let me know what you think about the event in the comments. What was your favorite part? Do you even have one? Are you checking out the Treehouse Live or are you just sitting in the corner in the fetal position?

The Digital Event

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