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Nintendo opens up e3 2015

First out the gate was Nintendo with a Super Smash Bros Content Approaching Direct. There was plenty to love in this short direct, especially if you are a fan of Smash Bros.
The direct itself clocks in at a little over eighteen minutes. Sakurai himself was on hosting duty and sense there was a lot discussed I figure it is just easier to break the review down in to sections. First Up.

Although it was leaked on Saturday, today we got the confirmation that not only is Lucas back but also Roy from Fire Emblem and Ryu from the Street Fighter series. Lucas for the most part plays exactly like he did in Brawl, so fans of him should have no issue jumping back into the swing of things with him. Roy was not in Brawl and on a personal note I did miss him (sorry just not a fan of Ike). He's back now and his moveset appears to be in tact from Melee. If you don't know he is like Marth but he is a tad slower, has a sword that deals out flame damage, and where Marth's damage is done in the tip of the blade Roy's damage is done by hitting opponents along the middle of the blade. Then there's Ryu from Street Fighter, in the direct they go into way more detail about his moveset so I won't go into it here but it is worth noting that he has two Final Smashes.

Also shown were costumes for the Mii Characters. There are more costumes to go around this time and they number from some rather interesting games. We have Jacky and Akira costumes from Virtua Fighter, along with Heihachi from Tekken with wig I might add. Next up were costumes from the Megaman series. There was a Zero costume from Megaman X and a MegaMan.EXE costume as well. The Animal Crossing series also got some love, as well as the Inkling Boy and Girl from Splatoon. I am not gonna lie some of those costumes just look freaking weird. Then again I can guess that, that is part of the charm.

There were new stages talked about in the direct as well. With Kirby's Dreamland stage making a comeback and the long awaited MiiVerse stage. I actually got a chance to play on the MiiVerse stage and its actually pretty cool seeing the different messages pop up as you fight. Ryu's stage from Street Fighter was unveiled as well in the direct, Suzaku Castle. It was pretty cool to see the render of it and its also pretty cool to play on as well. There will be a few more stages that they are working on, one is the original Hyrule Castle stage from Smash Bros on the N64. There wasn't a release date on those.

Tourney's and YouTube Replays
Yes, finally we got a statement on the long awaited Tournament mode. As of the direct there are two types of tournaments being worked on, community and regular and per Sakurai they will be released in August and will be able to be used online as well. Also discussed was the ability to upload replays to YouTube. This was a feature I have been looking forward to ever since Mario Kart TV. It will be great being able to upload fight clips straight to an individual's YouTube account.

Well that's pretty much the gist of what was discussed in today's direct. It looks to be a good start to e3 2015. Looking forward to the rest of the week and the announcements from all the companies.

Roy Gameplay

The Direct

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