e3 2015 - The Sony Conference

The Conference
So this year for my blog I decided that I will devote an entire entry to each of the big three and the first conference I want to tackle is Sony's. Out of the gate Sony allowed the majority of their presence at e3 to be about the games. Now it is true that most of these titles are coming out next year but we knew that already. Even still there were surprises thrown in that got some great crowd reactions. The presenters this year for the most part were a little flat to me. It is still funny to me to see Shawn Layden try to make people clap, that part gets me everytime. There conference was about an hour and a half and while there was a lot of games shown there were a few that caught my eye. So what I am going to do is talk a little about my top three games that I liked from the conference and the one game I could have done without.

Games - Da Good
First up is the Guerilla Games title Horizon Zero Dawn. Now this game looked amazing to me. It kind of reminded me a little of Enslaved: Odyssey to the West. We have a female protagonist that is in the middle of a hunt in a world set in a post apocalyptic future. The footage shown at the conference showed combat and stealth mechanics and even shown what looked to be a boss fight. Check out the trailer below and see why this game has made it into my 2016 gaming budget.

Second on my list is Street fighter 5. Yes, I had to put it on there when they revealed Birdie and Cammy. With the new fight mechanic I am really interested in seeing where this could take the franchise. This game is still on the maybe list with me as far as getting day one is concerned but I must admit that Capcom got my attention with this one.

Last game on my list is the remake. That's right Final Fantasy 7. People have only been asking for this game for about 10 years. So yeah Sony and Square, its about damn time. Now all we got was a CGI trailer but the trailer did look like they took assets from Advent Children Complete which is what I expected from the beginning anyway. As a fan of this game I am looking forward to it even though it may not come until 2017 (you know 20th anniversary and all).

Games - I could do without
One of the games I could do without from this conference was the one that opened it up and that was The Last Guardian. I am sorry if you are one of the people who have been looking forward to this game for the past few years. I just have gotten to the point where I don't care anymore about it and I still have no idea as to what the point of the story is or will be.

Another game on this list is Black Ops 3. Sorry but I was bored watching that gameplay footage. I think it may be because I am burnt out on the military shooter genre as a whole as it has been milked freaking dry in my opinion. Add to that the game reminded me to much of TitanFall and Advanced Warfare. So yeah I am not interested in that title.

Last on my list was the Firewatch game. I just didn't find that one to interesting. It may get better but for now it really didn't do anything for me.

Final Thoughts
Overall I think Sony did a good job. They kept the conference gaming centered (for the most part) and that, to me, is what was lacking from their conference last year. Also it was nice of them to finally give Final Fantasy fans the remake they have been asking for ever since that PS3 tech demo was released. My main gripe with the conference was the fact that there was hardly anything for this year that excited me. As an adult though, I am happy for that as it at least gives me a chance to budget and go through my backlog. So let me know what you thought about the conference. What were your favorite games? What were the games you can do without? Check back tomorrow to get my thoughts on Nintendo's Digital Event.

The 2015 Conference

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