Film Review - Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission

The Movie
I finally got a chance to see this movie of one of my favorite anime series. The film was originally released in Japan on December 27, 2013. If you have followed the series it takes place during the Chimera Ant arc of the anime. Gon and Killua have come back to Heaven's Arena to cheer on their good friend Zushi who is currently a Floor Master. While there they become involved in a battle with some mysterious people who want revenge against the Hunter Association for crimes against their people. That's the general gist of the movie. The animation is great, Madhouse did an excellent job on this movie. It was well paced and I found the story to be pretty deep and engrossing. It also helps that the author of the series collaborated and helped with the movie. To me that is always a plus in my book. All of the fan favorite characters are here, Leorio, Kurapika, Gon, Killua, Netero, and even Hisoka. For an action packed movie they all have their chance to shine and show off their abilities. This goes without saying but there are some great fights that happen in this movie. Don't worry they don't get to ridiculous as they still keep to what makes the Hunter series exceptional. The fights are smart and a couple of them are pretty thrilling. I actually didn't have anything that I could find wrong with the movie. From beginning to end the story was tight and well paced. It didn't go to far out in to left field and stayed true to what makes the Hunter series great.

For Parents
This particular anime is more geared toward teens and adults. There is some violent images. There are also a couple of deaths that they show onscreen. One of which being an apparent suicide. So yeah, not for the little ones in my opinion.

The Verdict
If this gets released in North America I will pick this one up, so FULL PRICE/BUY from me. If you are a fan of the Hunter series you will find this movie to be very enjoyable. If you are not a fan of the series its a standalone story so you will not have to worry about knowing a lot prior to watching (it would help of course, but not mandatory).


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