TV/Netflix Review - Sense8

Available on Netflix - 12 Episodes

The Series
I'm going to be honest with you guys. I had high hopes for this series. The trailer was awesome and me being a fan of sci-fi and the Wachowski's I was really looking forward to this series. For this review I would like to start with the things I had a problem with and then move to what I thought was done right in the series. This story revolves around 8 unique people each from a different part of the world and each having their own set of problems are linked mentally and are hunted by those who see them as a threat (paraphrased synopsis). For me this is where the problems begin, its the same problem I had with Heroes, there are just some characters I don't care about in the slightest. On top of that its only twelve episodes and for a show that portrayed itself as a thriller, its pacing is a detriment. It takes forever to get going and before you say 'well you need to take your time to set up a great story', my counter to that is this I would not have had a problem with that if I didn't have to follow 8 different characters and their entourages. There are entire episodes where nothing happens but exposition, exposition mind you that goes no where. Honestly, I think this series would have benefited from having a longer season, say somewhere around 20 episodes. Another thing that I didn't like were the gratutious amounts of sex scenes here. Look I love a good sex scene as much as the next man but seriously they need to at least affect the story. There is pretty much a sex scene in just about every episode and the majority of which bring nothing to the table. It almost felt like the writer's were just trying to shock people or be edgy. I'm sorry but I found nothing shocking about what I saw just weird and some of the scenes I felt were just thrown in, I was beginning to think that the Wachowski's were horny when they wrote this series. That being said some of the episodes did feel disjointed because you really don't see the main villains of the series until episode 8, they were in the first episode but that was the opening sequence and that was it until I want to say the end of episode 7 which is a shame. The real killer of the series to me was the pacing. Don't get me wrong I understood everything that was going on, this ain't Inception, the story just took to long to heat up.

On the positive side the series did have some great acting from a number of characters. My favorite characters in the series were Capheus, Nomi, Will, and Riley, their stories especially Nomi and Capheus were what kept me watching. As I thought their stories were the most interesting in the entire series. The action sequences are good when they are in the episode. I did like the locales where they shot at, you got to see different parts of the world and the camerawork when the characters were interacting with each other was great. There were also some pretty good comedic moments in the series as well as the cinematography.

For Parents
This series rated M for Mature. There is a lot of sex and nudity in the show. The language isn't to bad but there are a couple of episodes where it is a little much. There is violence and action sequences as well. All in all I would say that this series for adults.

This is going to get a WHO IN THE HELL KEEPS GIVING THE WACHOWSKI'S MONEY, rating from me. I really wanted to like this but the poor pacing, coupled with obvious exposition (basically exposition that's not needed), and trying to be edgy at the expense of moving the story along is why I can't recommend this to people. Now I know there are going to be some people who say "How dare you", "You just didn't understand the genius of this show." All I want to say is I can't recommend a series to someone when there was only three and half good episodes. The ending was badass I'll admit that but the pacing is to much of an issue. Also you don't need to be a rocket scientist to watch this series and get it, its pretty straightforward in my opinion. Maybe its because I watch a lot of sci-fi, in all honesty the Wachowski's are two of my favorite film makers but they are killing me this year. If this gets a second season hopefully they fix the pacing issue and tone down on the nudity and sex, as there is a good story to be found if they can fix some of these issues.

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