Film Review: Ant-Man

The Movie
Let me be the first to admit that I am not a fan of Ant-Man. The character always seemed to work better with the Avengers than by himself. So you can guess that my expectations were low going in to this film. I have to admit that barring a few issues that I had with this iteration of Ant-Man, this film was fun. In my opinion there was a lot to like in the film. First, the pacing was great. I like when a film has good pacing and doesn't drag on in certain areas. I never felt like this movie dragged on in any particular part, everything moved smoothly from one scene to the next. The acting/casting in the movie was also great. I will not lie when I saw T.I. and Michael Pena in the trailer I was very worried. However, those two had some of the most hilarious parts in the film. Especially, Michael Pena when he tells his stories of how certain things happen. Those sequences had me crying laughing, they were awesome. Paul Rudd does an awesome job as Scott Lang and I enjoyed his portrayal of that character. All in all I believe all of the actors did a great job except one but I'll get to that in a little bit. It should go without saying that this movie, tonally, is a comedy much like Guardians of the Galaxy was last year. I had no problem with this and thought it worked well story wise. I did have a couple of problems with the movie and one was the villain Darren Cross. I think Corey Stoll is a good actor I just think that the story didn't flesh out the character at all. He came across as not so much threatening, in my opinion, but as just a brat. My mentor didn't leave me all the secrets of his invention and now I'm pissed off mentality, it made him boring to me. The last thing I had a problem with is the fact that there were four writers on this film and you could tell. Its no secret that this film spent its fair share of time in development hell and you can see some of the influences of each of the writer's throughout the movie. I think it would have been better if they stuck with just two draft's but they didn't its just something I noticed when a few scenes felt off to me.

For Parents
Its your standard Marvel super hero movie. There is a little language in the movie but not anything more excessive than any of the other films. The climactic fight and ending fight sequences are pretty cool. Most importantly this movie is probably the most family friendly movie out of the Marvel movies.

The Verdict
This is going to get a MATINEE from me. Its funny, has a great story, and the acting is great. There are two after credit sequences in the film so make sure you stay for both. Its not as good as some of the other films in the MCU but its a fun little afternoon film in my opinion.

The Trailer

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