Film Review - Terminator Genisys

The Movie
I'm not gonna lie, I went into this movie with low expectations. Rise of the Machines and Salvation left a sour taste in my mouth and to be completely honest after Judgment Day I thought the series tied everything up nicely. This movie, however is not a prequel or a sequel or a reboot really. I mean when you first watch it you are going to think that, especially with them recreating whole scenes from the first film. Those scenes are actually are done well for the most part. One of the big bright spots for the movie in my opinion is Arnold and his portrayal of the T-800. In the movie the timeline has been shifted and we come to find out that a T-800 was sent back to protect Sarah Conner as a child. This makes for an interesting dynamic because it ties in to T2 with a young John Conner bonding with a T-800.  The majority of the action is cool and very Terminator-esque. The CG in the film is done well in my opinion especially the T-1000 scenes as they are both familiar and polished. The story, for the most part, makes sense and ties in to that central theme of there is no fate but what we make. It is stated a few times in the film but not enough to make you mad. So what are some of the issues with the film, you ask well one major one is the huge spoiler that was done in the trailer. Seriously, somebody in marketing should be in major hot water for that one. It's extra frustrating because it happens about the midpoint of the film and it would have been great if people didn't know that going in, because the set up to that point was awesome. The other issue I had was Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese. The problem I have with him is the same problem I have with Sam Worthington, he's just a dry actor. Most of the scenes with Emilia Clarke fell flat to me because she was trying to carry it and he wasn't helping. That leads me to Emilia Clarke, it seems to me that the filmmakers wanted her to channel Linda Hamilton and it didn't work in my opinion. She's not bad in the film but Linda Hamilton did such an awesome job that it would have been hard for anyone to follow that up. There are two other actors in here that I felt should have gotten more screen time and that is Matt Smith and J.K. Simmons. There characters are both integral to the plot but you don't see them that much, it almost feels like most of there scenes were edited out and are on the cutting room floor. The last thing that I found to be just stupid was two sequences in particular and one is the bus sequence on the Golden Gate bridge the other is a scene in which Kyle and Sarah both get hit by a car and they roll over like nothing happens. They throw physics out the window and it makes for a completely ridiculous scene in which anything that is not a Terminator would have died or at least been hurt pretty badly.

For Parents
Well its not Rated R, its PG-13 and with that being the case it is toned down from how you remember T1 and T2. There is nudity but you don't see anything at all. There is also some foul language but nothing to offensive. There is a lot of action and violence as this is a Terminator film but you don't really see any blood or very little in a couple of scenes.

The Verdict
This is getting a RENTAL from me. I mean the 3D wasn't that great and the story, while decent just didn't grab me. Most people have flat panel TVs now so you don't really have to watch this in the theater to get the full effect.  Don't get me wrong this film is way better than the last two films in the franchise but to me this is a franchise that can stop and just leave me with my good memories.

The Trailer

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