Game Review - J Stars Victory Vs +

Available on PS4, PS3, & PSVita

The Game
Let me just be honest with you for a little bit here. I have been waiting on this series to come to North America for a while now. If you know me you know that I am a big manga and anime fan and this game is right up my alley. The game boasts a plethora of characters from various Shonen Jump manga. Some characters are well known others not so much there is a pretty good chance that you have seen some of these characters manga in your local bookstore or comic shop. If you don't frequent those types of establishments then you probably have no idea who most of the characters in the game are or their story backgrounds. There are a lot of modes available in the game. J Adventure is the story mode that revolves around 4 different arcs, involving certain characters. Victory Road is where you and your team take on tough enemies while picking your own route. Arcade mode is your standard mode from most fighters. Free battle set your own settings to fight computer controlled opponents. Rounding out the modes is online battles.

The Gameplay/Graphics
The gameplay is set around teamwork. Teams are made up of two main characters and one support character. Victory is earned when the team that fills their victory gauge first. The Victory Burst is where you can achieve a cinematic super move. Each super is from that character's series. To me the artstyle works well with the combat and to me it looks fine. The combat I have to say, is generic in that you have to attack to get your gauge up. This is where I know a lot of gamers will have an issue as it will seem like there is no variety in the movesets. Graphically, I think the game is fine but that may be because I like different artstyles in my games and this game is not supposed to be realistic by any stretch of the imagination. To each his own I suppose, I did not have a problem with the game graphically.

The Music/Soundtrack
This game is in Japanese. That means you will have to read subtitles. Once again I watch a lot of anime so I have no problem with this as I actually prefer to hear the Japanese voice actors anyway. The music is okay, nothing really stands out in my opinion.

The Verdict
This game is going to get a GAMEFLY IT from me. I love this game but that is because I am a fan of anime and manga. The average gamer is more than likely not and honestly while I have a lot of fun playing this game I feel that the average gamer should just rent it if they are curious about the game.

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