Film Review - Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F

The Movie
I just got back from watching this and I have to say not bad, not bad at all. Let me begin this review by stating that if you are not a fan of the Dragon Ball series then you are more than likely not going to like this film. This film for the most part is purely for the fans, especially fans of Frieza.  The theater I was at did not put any trailers on this film so it just started right out the gate, so my suggestion to any going to watch this movie is don't be late. Right from the start two of Frieza's lesser known soldiers hatch a plan to bring the tyrant back from the dead. Using the dragon balls they are able to wish Frieza back to life and that is where the film starts. The pace of the movie is fast even though it is about an hour and forty-five minutes, the pace never lets up. This film is all about action, I mean its dragon ball its what you come to see. The majority of the characters from the series get to fight and it was good to see your old favorites taking down enemies. There is also a good bit of comedy in the film as well. In Battle of Gods, I said that some of the comedy scenes went on to long, not in this movie. The comedic scenes felt just right to me. There is also some character growth in the film that in all honesty I did not expect. I can't say anything about it because it will be a huge spoiler but it was nice to see that in the film and it be explained.  Even though I enjoyed this movie there were a couple of things that I did not like about the film. One was the reason for why Goten and Trunks were not there, I'm sorry but both of them separately are stronger than Gohan. To me they should have been there at least to help out with the lackey's. The second thing I didn't like was what they did at the end. Don't get me wrong I like the ending but what they did was kind of messed up at the same time. If you see other people's reviews I am sure they are mad about that particular sequence. I really want to tell you guys what happened but I am trying my best to keep this spoiler free.

For Parents
This fine for kids. There wasn't any foul language, however, there is fighting in the film. Dragon Ball Z is about the ridiculous fights and that is what this movie is about for the most part. Like I said before this film feels like it was made for the fans of the Frieza saga.

The Verdict
This is getting a FULL PRICE from me. Seeing as how it is a limited engagement in theaters, if you are a fan of the Dragon Ball series you need to watch this in a theater. Its only in theaters August 4 - 12 so you better get your tickets while you can.

The Trailer

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