First Impressions - The Legend of Kay Anniversary Edition

Available on Wii U, PS4, PS3, XBOX 360 and PC; version played Wii U

The Game
The Legend of Kay Anniversary Edition is an HD remake of the 2005 Playstation game from Nordic Games. The game follows the adventure of a young cat warrior named Kay as he seeks to free his village from the gorilla's and rat's that have taken over. The game uses anthropomorphic animals in a pre Kung Fu Panda type tale. The game has all the trappings of an old Shaw Brothers film, even down to the music which I will get to later. Graphically, the game looks good. However, I must say this that some parts of the game looks like they were touched up better than others. I noticed it especially when you zoom in on certain things, other than that its not to bad. All in all I think that the game looks good.

The Gameplay/Combat
The game is a mix of action and platforming with some puzzle solving thrown in for good measure. The combat is not bad but there is a small learning curve as some of the techniques require some timing to master. There is variety to the combat as you have the ability to use magic and use items in fights. I like the level design as each new area that you visit is different from the last area. The enemy variety is varied as well, so you don't feel like you are fighting the same enemy over and over. Certain enemies move in different ways, some have armor etc,. All in all I have to say that I find the gameplay to be enjoyable at this point.

The Soundtrack/Story
Okay here is where I think the game suffers, at least in the first few hours I have played. The voice acting is atrocious and the dialogue is equal to that in my opinion. It has not aged well, I kind of feel like it wouldn't have hurt to have someone come in and punch up the script a bit. Either that or just cut out the voice acting all together and just let me read ala Legend of Zelda style. Yes, the voice acting is that bad. The music, however, I feel is just right. It fits the theme and style of game that this story wants to be.

The Wrap
I am about 10 hours in to the game and its fun at times. The only really bad thing that is truly sticking out to me is the voice acting/dialogue. Everything else is pretty standard for an action game like this one. I am looking forward to finishing up this game. If you have the game let me know what you think about it in the comments.

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