First Impressions Rare Replay

Perfect Dark: Rare Replay Available on XBONE

The Game
So I picked up Rare Replay for my ONE and I was trying to figure out should I do a post about the whole thing or just take it game by game. I decided to do my impressions on a game by game basis as some of the games in the collection I won't be getting to anytime soon. So the first game I chose to play was one of my personal favorite games from the N64 and that is the original Perfect Dark. This game plays a lot like 007 Goldeneye but a whole lot better in my opinion. This game is actually the same remaster that is on the Xbox 360 which was a great port. The game holds up very well and I must say still looks great. The control scheme feels good and the best part the multiplayer is still in tact and plays smoothly (at least in the playthroughs I have done).

The Gameplay
This game is a first person shooter and a damn good one in my opinion. This game actually introduced a lot of cool mechanics back in 1999 that made the gameplay standout. One was that every weapon had a secondary function. This meant that there is a level of strategy to whatever weapon you pick up. One of my favorite aspects of this particular game was it allowed you to practice. You could go into multiplayer and setup your own matches with the simulants that you unlocked by completing missions in single player mode. This is awesome because you can learn the weapons and your very own strategies. Of course now that we have online this makes that aspect even more important to me especially since people play this game so differently from the way others play. This lends itself to some epic multiplayer matches. Multiplayer is where its at for this game.

The Music
The soundtrack is awesome. The music is great and the voice acting is done beautifully as well. The dialogue for the main campaign mode is pretty good as well. Normally campaign modes in shooters, especially ones in the more recent generations with a few exceptions of course, have all been mediocre. This one, however, I find to be a lot of fun even after all these years. Rare really outdone themselves with this game.

The Wrap Up
This title was one of my favorite games on the N64 and one of my favorite games from Rareware. To me it still holds up very well and the multiplayer is still as much fun as it was back in the day. The graphical upgrade does help a lot but I am glad that the core gameplay was left alone and is still in tact. Great game in this package I must say.

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