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That Dreaded Top 5 List PS4

* Disclaimer: The games on this list are games that I have personally played and enjoy.

So this list may be a little bit tougher than last week's list but I do have some favorite games on Sony's current generation system. Check out my top 5 list below.

5. Dust An Elysian Tail

If you've been following this blog you should know that I have a fondness for side scrolling beat'em up. Dust is a downloadable title that hearkens back to those good ole days. The game has a decent length to it and some light RPG elements. The story actually isn't that bad and some might find it a little cliche but I thought that it has its moments. Definitely worth the pick up if you are in to side scrollers.


*Trailer is the Steam version but game is available on PS4

4. Transistor

This is a fun little game that is also a digital release. Its a fun take on the RPG style game. Made by SuperGiant games for the Sony PS4 and PC gamers, it's a fun take on the action RPG style. Like SuperGi…

That Dreaded Top 5 List Nintendo Wii U

So I was perusing some gaming sites and came across a Top 25 list and I thought I haven't done one of these yet. So here's what I'm going to do my top 5 for each of the big three console manufacturers. So each week you will see my top 5 for one of the big three. First up is Nintendo and my personal top 5 for the Wii U. Let me know what your Top 5 is in the comments.

5. The Wonderful 101

I can't say enough about this game. It's developed by one of my favorite developers in the gaming industry, Platinum Games. Now this game got flack from the mainstream gaming media because of the controls, however, I found the controls to be intuitive and work well with the game design. There is a learning curve but it isn't as bad as you would think, also you can difficulty level until you get accustomed to the play style. The games story revolves around 100 heroes and there struggle to save the world from an alien invasion. The game mixes humor and over the top action in that…

First Impressions - One Piece Pirate Warriors 3

Available on PS4, PS3, PSVita, and PC; Version Played PS4

The Game
This is the 3rd game in the One Piece Pirate Warriors series. Just like the Hyrule Warriors game last year, this is a musou game but this time the game is based in the world of the manga/anime hit One Piece. Having played Pirate Warriors 2 I was stoked to pick this title up. If you know anything about musou games you know that the game takes place on a huge map and you have specific conditions to victory that must be met within a given time period (usually 60 minutes). The game itself has plenty of modes to play through and an online component as well that as of this post I have not had a chance to take a look at yet. This game covers every arc from Romance Dawn through Dressrosa, which just recently wrapped up in the manga a few weeks ago.

The Gameplay
The best way to describe the gameplay of this game is hack n slash. I know some people don't really like that type of playstyle but when you add the special and team …

Fall TV and I what I'm looking forward to

What's up peeps. With the Fall TV season starting soon I thought why not share some of the shows I'll watching/DVR'ing in this latter half of 2015. I would have had this up earlier but I was waiting on some trailers to drop. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the post and let me know which shows you are looking forward to this Fall.

Jessica Jones: This is the second Netflix series from Marvel following Daredevil in April. This is supposedly based off of the Alias comic (not a bad comic by the way). Krysten Ritter is starring as the title character and from what I can gather its looking to be just as good as Daredevil. Personally, I am thinking that this should be a good one. This one will be coming November 20, 2015 all 13 episodes. Binge watching at its finest.
The Player: This one is coming to NBC. This one is starring Wesley Snipes, Philip Winchester, and Charity Wakefield and it comes out September 24, 2015. Now this one looks to be interesting and the initial trailer does ha…

First Impressions - Wooden Sen'Sey

Available on PC and Wii U; version played Wii U

The Game
This game comes courtesy of Upper Byte Studios and is an action platformer. You follow the character of Goro as he fights his way through a series of levels. In all honesty from the outset of the game it looks like the villain stole all the liquor in the village. That in and of itself is reason to go on a hellacious rampage in order to exact deadly dual axe wielding revenge. Or at the very least it will be in this case. Graphically, I find the game to be beautiful to look at and I am really digging the artstyle in game. The environments look great and the detail put into them is on point. The levels themselves are challenging but not to frustrating, at least not on the level of something like Cloudberry Kingdom. Time attack mode might be a different story though, even still I find it to be a nice action platforming experience.

The Gameplay
This game is an action platformer plain and simple. I try to think of it as Rayman Legends l…

Film Review - Hitman Agent 47

The Movie
I don't know if I would exactly call this movie a reboot of the other Hitman movie, as it tells a different and, in my opinion, better story than the first one. In this movie, the contract has to do with Agent 47 stopping a corporation from creating more Agents. Well that's the gist of it anyway. The movie isn't completely bad but for an action movie it is pretty mediocre. It starts off decently though a Terminator-esque action sequence with a little splash of John Wick for added effect. That is what I will say is the biggest problem with this movie. The action scenes seem to be lifted from other movies that actually did the scene better in their particular movie. While I am not the biggest fan of the Hitman video game franchise, I am familiar with the series and there are a lot of nice touches and homages to the game in the film. The acting isn't completely bad but it is cringe worthy at times. I mean Zachary Quinto is a good actor and some of the lines they…

Games for the rest of 2015

*This post is about the games that I will be picking up this Fall/Winter. I will do another post where I cover the games that have caught my eye but I won't be getting until later.*

There are a couple of games that I am looking forward to on the PS4 in the latter half of 2015. One is exclusive-ish while the other is a mutltiplat game. I am actually kind of glad that the majority of games that I am interested in for Playstation is coming out next year as it would have been real hard on the financial portfolio to try and pull off this year.

Tales of Zestiria. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a fan of JRPGs and a huge fan of the Tales of.... series of games. I have played a lot of games in the series and I am always fascinated by how the little tweaks to the game make for a great experience. Plus it also helps that I am an huge anime fan as well.
Transformers Devastation. Platinum Studios, check. Generation One Transformers, check. Peter Cullen and Frank Welker being involved a…