Film Review - Hitman Agent 47

The Movie
I don't know if I would exactly call this movie a reboot of the other Hitman movie, as it tells a different and, in my opinion, better story than the first one. In this movie, the contract has to do with Agent 47 stopping a corporation from creating more Agents. Well that's the gist of it anyway. The movie isn't completely bad but for an action movie it is pretty mediocre. It starts off decently though a Terminator-esque action sequence with a little splash of John Wick for added effect. That is what I will say is the biggest problem with this movie. The action scenes seem to be lifted from other movies that actually did the scene better in their particular movie. While I am not the biggest fan of the Hitman video game franchise, I am familiar with the series and there are a lot of nice touches and homages to the game in the film. The acting isn't completely bad but it is cringe worthy at times. I mean Zachary Quinto is a good actor and some of the lines they have him saying are just bad. The main actress, Hannah Ware, I am not going to get mad at her because I think that's how she was directed to play the role. For much of the movie she is emotionless and toward the end her character starts to open up a little and show signs of life. Rupert Friend, who plays Agent 47 I thought did a good job. He was believable in the role and it worked for me. While the action is okay in the movie, there are parts where the CG is noticable and atrocious. I mean Matrix 2 and 3 bad, as far as the CG is concerned. With the advances that have been made in the past 10 years the CG should not have been that bad.  Then again this is 20 Century Fox so they probably didn't throw that much money behind it as its not one of their heavy hitter properties. The last problem that I really had with the movie was the whole super hero angle it took. I mean it got pretty ridiculous toward the end of the movie and that's the truth. The story tries to set it up throughout the film but it still is ridiculous.

For Parents
This movie is Rated R for action violence and language. There's nothing really gory in the movie action wise, there are a couple of scenes where it could have been gory but they do quick cuts so you don't see anything. There isn't any nudity and outside of a few F-bombs the language really isn't that bad.

The Verdict
This movie is going to get a RENTAL from me. Its stupid and the action is mediocre but it didn't piss me off. I can see myself renting this or watching it when it comes on FX and not being mad about it.

The Trailer

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