First Impressions - Wooden Sen'Sey

Available on PC and Wii U; version played Wii U

The Game
This game comes courtesy of Upper Byte Studios and is an action platformer. You follow the character of Goro as he fights his way through a series of levels. In all honesty from the outset of the game it looks like the villain stole all the liquor in the village. That in and of itself is reason to go on a hellacious rampage in order to exact deadly dual axe wielding revenge. Or at the very least it will be in this case. Graphically, I find the game to be beautiful to look at and I am really digging the artstyle in game. The environments look great and the detail put into them is on point. The levels themselves are challenging but not to frustrating, at least not on the level of something like Cloudberry Kingdom. Time attack mode might be a different story though, even still I find it to be a nice action platforming experience.

The Gameplay
This game is an action platformer plain and simple. I try to think of it as Rayman Legends lite. There are enemies that Goro has to fight and there are attacks that can be performed to defeat them. There are different items to find throughout the levels as well as puzzles to lend some variety to the gameplay. Each level looks and feels different, which keeps the game from feeling stale. The game definitely has an old school platformer feel to it which works for fans of the genre.

The Soundtrack
The soundtrack is very good. The music is upbeat and carries that tempo throughout the levels. There isn't any real voice acting in this game outside of some grunts (at least during the parts I have played). The music does match the theme and tone of the game and is energetic on top of that; I didn't think I would like it all that much but I can't lie I do.

The Wrap Up
Its a fun game so far to me. It can get challenging but I haven't wanted to throw my controller out the window yet so that's good. Also on the Wii U this game has a plethora of control options. I have found that the Pro Controller works best, at least for me. If you have played this game let me know in the comments what you think about the game and what did you play it on.

Gameplay Vid

Images from the Wii U version of the game via ImageShare

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