That Dreaded Top 5 List PS4

* Disclaimer: The games on this list are games that I have personally played and enjoy.

So this list may be a little bit tougher than last week's list but I do have some favorite games on Sony's current generation system. Check out my top 5 list below.

5. Dust An Elysian Tail

If you've been following this blog you should know that I have a fondness for side scrolling beat'em up. Dust is a downloadable title that hearkens back to those good ole days. The game has a decent length to it and some light RPG elements. The story actually isn't that bad and some might find it a little cliche but I thought that it has its moments. Definitely worth the pick up if you are in to side scrollers.


*Trailer is the Steam version but game is available on PS4

4. Transistor

This is a fun little game that is also a digital release. Its a fun take on the RPG style game. Made by SuperGiant games for the Sony PS4 and PC gamers, it's a fun take on the action RPG style. Like SuperGiant's previous game, Bastion, the game has narration being done while you play letting you know the story and giving hints during the game. I love the soundtrack for this game as I am a fan of jazz and I feel that the soundtrack fits the mood and tone of the game.


3. Infamous Second Son

This game does have its issues but I have to say that Sucker Punch, at this point, knows what I like. This is the third game in the Infamous series and focuses on a new hero or villain depending on how you choose to play and a new area to play in and powers to obtain. Graphically the game is beautiful and the powers are awesome. The soundtrack and voice acting are good as well and after my second playthrough I have to say that I have enjoyed this title. I will say that it could have been a little bit longer but then again that's just me.


2. Child of Light

I can't say enough about this game. It is one of my personal favorite games of 2014 and for a digital only release the story is pretty good. The artstyle reminds me of the old Rankin/Bass cartoons from the 80s and the game play is reminiscent of Grandia 2. Which is cool seeing as how some people from that team helped make this game. The music as well is amazing. The whole package makes for a rather enjoyable experience. I usually recommend this title to gamers of all ages.


1. Destiny

What can I say I'm a fan of Bungie. I know some people have issues with this game but I find it enjoyable. This is one of those games that I feel if you are playing with friends it makes the game much more fun. Although I would have preferred a third person perspective on this game the first person perspective isn't that bad. If you have played Halo some of the enemies can look a little familiar but I will say this that, in my opinion at least, the environments looked just fine. Still a fun game to me especially with friends.


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