First Impressions - Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume 1

Available on PS4, XBONE, and PC; Version played PS4

The Game
This is an interesting game, to say the least. If you played the first Afro Samurai game then you know what to expect from this follow up. In this game you follow Jinno on a quest of revenge against Afro for his part in what happened to the sword school and their master. This game plays out as a kind of prequel/sequel to both the game and the animated series. It is also taken from Jinno's point of view entirely. The game itself is broken up into chapters with cutscenes involving a voiceover and still pics as if they came straight out of the manga. The art in those sequences look good (I am a fan of manga in general and I have the Afro Samurai manga) as for the game, visually, it looks like the first game in presentation and style. The problem is in the polishing of this particular volume. That's right there are three volume's that will make up this game package and this is volume 1. On the Playstation Store you are able to purchase the whole package so when it becomes available the game will download.

The Gameplay
Here is where I begin to have issues with this game. The main problem that I have is that there is no camera control in the game. This causes issues during fight sequences as Jinno constantly surrounded by enemies that have varying A.I. difficulties. There are some light platforming elements in the game where the camera can be a real headache.  There is some screen tearing that I noticed as well. The game can get repetitive at times but that is par for the course in action games. The fighting styles are actually good the only issue that I have with this is that they suffer from a lack of polish. I think that is the main issue that I am having with the game play at this point, the lack of polish is problematic at times. Most of the issues that I have noticed can easily be remedied with a patch or update. The problem is with games like Child of Light and Dust An Elysian Tail not having these issues at release, Redacted Games should have taken the time to polish the game at least from the gameplay aspect.

The Soundtrack
Here is where the game shines in my opinion. The voice acting is top notch and reminds me of the anime. I don't know if they got the original voice actors or not but if its not them then whoever it is sounds close. The music is OFF DA CHAIN! The hip hop tracks are very nice. The music is one of the main reasons that I liked the first game and I am enjoying the music this time around as well. Back to the voice acting, it is as over the top as the anime was especially the Empty Seven sounding like southern preachers.

The Wrap Up
So far the story is what is keeping me playing as I am enjoying going through Jinno/Kuma's story. The gameplay is a problem but thankfully it isn't so much of a problem that makes the game unplayable. Like I said earlier most of these issues that I found can be fixed in a patch. I really wish the developers would have polished the game from the start though. There are two more volumes to get through so hopefully the developers will address these issues as I am sure there are more than what I have found.


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