OVA Review - Tales of Zestiria Dawn of the Shepherd

If you are a fan of the Tales of.... series than you know that the games have a distinct anime feel. Some of the series even have full on anime's themselves; a few examples are Tales of Phantasia, Tales of the Abyss, and Tales of Symphonia. Now you can add Tales of Zestiria to the mix as well. It runs about forty-four minutes, about the average length of an OVA based on a game. The animation is high quality and handled by Ufotable (they do awesome work). You get meet the main character, Sorey, as well as his best friend Mikleo. The anime starts out with the two of them exploring some ruins and running across the legend of the Shepherd as well as a human girl named Alisha. I don't want to go in to to much more but I have to give them credit the anime does a good job of introducing the viewer to the world. The characters are likable and the animations for them are very good. The action is fluid and nicely animated as well. All in all it is a very well done OVA my only complaint is that I wish it were longer. As it stands though its a nice companion to the main game in my humble opinion. In North America this OVA is part of the Collector's Edition but I am sure that anime sites like CrunchyRoll will have it available to stream at some point.

For Parents
There isn't anything really bad in this animation. There is one part where something bad happens to one of the characters but you don't see anything happen on screen. All in all I'd say it is okay for kids to watch.

The Verdict
I enjoyed it so I am going to give this a WATCH IT. I do remember reading an article that was translated from Famitsu magazine stating that this title could be picked up as as an anime series and that episodes would begin in 2016. If that is true I will be watching it as soon as it hits.

The Trailer

**Don't worry the game play will be up on the game play channel on Thursday and my First Impressions of the game will be here on next Tuesday the 27th.

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