The Dreaded Top 5 XBOX One

**Disclaimer: These are all games that I own and feel are pretty good on the system.

5. Borderlands The Handsome Collection
Bundles two games in package, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2. While Borderlands 2 is my favorite out of this collection, I do find this game to be a lot of fun. Its an action RPG shooter and graphically is handled in a cel-shade style. The story is action packed and has a nice amount of humor to help even things out a bit. There are a few issues but nothing that makes it where the game is impossible to play. All in all its a pretty good value especially if you are new to the Borderlands series.


4. Sunset Overdrive
Man I love this game. I wish that it would have gotten more recognition. This is an exclusive title on the ONE and it mixes a mutant apocalypse with an on-rails type action shooter. When I say on-rails, I mean that literally. One of the game play mechanics has your character grinding on rails. Think Jet Set Radio meets Aggressive Inline with guns. The story is hilarious as it takes a comedic approach to the zombie/mutant apocalypse genre. To me, this game is one that should be in any XBONE gamers' library.


3. Halo Master Chief Collection
Okay so maybe I'm a little biased on this one. I like this series, wish it wasn't so depressing at times but I still find it to be fun. Four games for the price of one with a revamped Halo 2 is a win-win for me. Also included is the 5 episode Halo Nightfall series, which me and fellow movie and TV afficinado Mizzah Tee reviewed a while back. While the collection did have its problems upon release, now everything is good to go. This game perfect for anyone wanting the complete Halo experience in time for Halo 5 later this month.


2. Killer Instinct
Most of you know that I am a fan of Nintendo and back in the 90's this game and Samurai Shodown were my two favorite fighting games. I am glad that Microsoft brought this game back. While some may scoff at the way the game is setup price wise (you can pay for each character individually or pay for the entire season), the game is still fun. The nostalgia factor is high with this one. This game was one of the best at having a combo system and it still works to this day. If you are a fan of K.I. then there is no reason why this game should not be in your library.


1. Rare Replay
Its thirty games for thirty dollars. That's thirty classics from Rareware. These games span a pretty extensive catalogue. There are games for everyone in that package. While I have not played every game in there (I'm looking at you Perfect Dark Zero). There are way to many good games as well as games I never had the chance to play before when they were first released. Great title for anyone on a budget.


These are my Top 5 XBONE games, let me know your Top 5 in the comments. Also what upcoming title are you looking forward to. Thanks for reading.

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