Film Review - The Peanuts Movie

The Movie
I am just getting back from the movie and this is one of the few times that I can honestly say that I couldn't find one thing that I did not like in this film. The movie is based on the comic strip from Charles Schulz and follows everyone's favorite blockhead, Charlie Brown. Now most people will know or remember the Holiday specials that used to come on during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas don't worry all of the characters act like they always have. In the movie there are segments where they switch from the CG to a more hand drawn black and white look that works well with the story they are telling. In this feature there is a new family moving in to the neighborhood and Charlie Brown sees this as the perfect opportunity to have his fortunes change for the better. When Charlie and the gang find out that its a girl with red hair (that's what they call her in the movie, no lie), Charlie has an insta-crush and its up to Snoopy to whip him into shape. I think that is one of the things that I like about the film, the relationship between Snoopy and Charlie. As hard as Charlie tries to not mess up and impress the new girl, Snoopy is right there to try and help. As a matter of fact one of the aspects of those Charlie Brown specials is used to great effect in this film. That is Snoopy versus The Red Baron. Most of the time in the strip or even in the different animation's, those sequences would come out of nowhere ala the chicken fights in Family Guy. In this movie they make that a whole story device. Snoopy finds a typewriter and begins writing a book. The book that he is writing goes hand in hand with what is going on with Charlie. As a matter fact a good chunk of the third act is Snoopy versus The Baron in the French Countryside. Its animated very well and gives the film a nice bit of action as well as comedy. All of the characters show up in the movie and get there time to shine, even Franklin. The music for the film is pretty good as well. A lot of throwbacks to the series are here as well and I thought they were really nice touches. The movie is paced well, with no slow parts and the gags are pretty good. There were a couple of times where I was crying laughing at some of the things that were happening on screen. There truly was nothing I did not like in this movie. It was a great time in the theater.

For Parents
This is Rated G, however, this is a film that adults can watch and it won't bore you to tears. Everything flows well, there are no slow parts and the movie clocks in at about an hour and twenty minutes. There were a lot of little kids in my theater and they did not get restless at all. The jokes and gags are funny and won't fly over anyone's head. Good film for everybody.

The Verdict
This movie is getting a FULL PRICE from me. There is a lot to love about this movie. I plan on watching it again if I have some time. This will be a day one blu ray pick up for me as well. I love how they did the animation on this movie so I will be checking out the making of/behind the scenes on that dvd when it comes out.

Movie Trailer

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