First Impressions - Halo 5 Guardians

Available on XBONE

The Game
It's taken a little while but here are my thoughts on the latest Halo game from 343 Studios. Overall not a bad game. The campaign mode has been beefed up and offers solo as well as online co-op. This is where the story of Guardians kicks in as it covers two teams that of Fireteam Osiris and Blue Team and their various missions through the course of that mode. I won't get into story specifics but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The graphics on the game are outstanding. Everything from the character models to the environments look really detailed and fleshed out. The animations are fluid and the game play runs very smooth. I cannot say enough about how great this game looks, 343 did a very good job handling the look and overall feel of the Halo universe. The game isn't to hard but it also isn't mind numbingly easy as well. It strikes a good balance in my opinion at least in my time with the game.

The Gameplay
Well if you don't know this is a first person shooter game. Like all FPS's this game has a plethora of modes. However, we all know what you came here for, that's right the multiplayer. The multiplayer in this game has some good modes that add a nice amount of variety to them. My favorite is Warzones this mode is frantic and insane. The best part about it to me is the bosses that show up. So not only do you have to defeat the opposing team but you also have to contend with bosses like the Warden (Promethean Knight), Elite Commanders, and Brutes. It makes the game that much more fun to me. I do have an issue with the multiplayer but that has to do with microtransactions that are there. If you know me, you already know how I feel about paying for weapons that should be unlocked. As far as the online experience goes, I haven't run into any lag issues or anything of the sort.  It seems like the issues that plagued the Master Chief Collection are not prevalent here and that is a good thing.

The Soundtrack
The soundtrack is very good. It may just be my favorite of the Halo franchise so far. The voice acting is also well done although I can tell that Mike Colter is not voicing Locke it still is a good job. One of the things that I have always liked about the Halo franchise has been the voice acting. I just think that they do some of the best work in gaming period. Also if you want to get the soundtrack it is up on iTunes.

Wrap Up
While it is an overall good game I did have a few issues with the game. For some reason in multiplayer and even in the campaign, in firefights the camera would start acting weird. For instance, there was one instance in Warzones where I was fighting the Elite Commander and I was hiding behind cover and all of the sudden the camera just stayed stuck on the ground even though I could move around. It only lasted about 10 seconds but then it happened again when I played the campaign with some friends. Other than that I have to say that I am really enjoying myself with this game. It's especially a lot of fun with friends.

Game Play Vid
Game Cafe Plays - Halo 5 Campaign Mode

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