Film Review - Creed

Disclaimer - I'm late I know, however I have finally watched a movie I meant to watch the first week it was out. I will not spoil any major plot points in the following review.

The Movie
So I finally got around to watching Creed and I must say not bad, not bad at all. The movie revolves around Michael B. Jordan's character of Adonis. The son of Apollo Creed albeit illegitimate son. The film follows Donnie's journey as he strikes out to make a name for himself and create his own legacy apart from that of his father. It must be said, this film is shot beautifully. It does a great job of staying true to the Rocky film franchise while also differentiating itself for a new generation of fans. Fans of the original Rocky movies will notice a lot of beats and nods from the previous films in the movie. To me, that's not a bad thing. It gives older fans a sense of the familiar while simultaneously doing the little things to make the film feel different and from a fresh perspective than previous films in the franchise. One of the best things about this movie is the acting. I gotta give it to Sly he acted his ass off in this one. Michael B. Jordan is great as well in the film. I would be remiss if I didn't mention Ms. Huxtable, Phylicia Rashad is in the movie and she is awesome in it as well. Now the absolute best thing about this movie are the fights. Some of the fights in the movie remind me of real fights that used to happen in the 80's. For example, there is one fight in the movie that if you ever saw the Hitman Hearns vs Marvelous Marvin Hagler fight you would swear that's where they got their inspiration. All in all there really isn't anything bad to say about this movie. I really couldn't think of anything that I didn't like. The movie was paced really well and I was never bored in it. It is well acted, well shot, the music is great, and the boxing scenes are amazing to see on the big screen.

For Parents
This movie is PG-13. There is some mild language and a love scene, although you don't really see anything. The climatic boxing match there are some blood loss. Its not over the top but they do show you how a real match may go and how blood will fly. All in all I would say its not bad, children can watch it especially if they have seen other movies in the franchise. It's nothing worse than was in those films.

The Verdict
This is the very defnition of a FULL PRICE movie. I will be picking this up when it releases on blu ray. Hopefully the film did well enough to warrant a sequel as I believe it is worthy of one.

The Trailer

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