Film Review - Star Wars The Force Awakens

*Don't worry this will be a spoiler free review. The podcast review that I will be doing later will not be spoiler free.*

The Movie
I saw the movie early this morning and its taken a while to compile my thoughts. Translation I'm trying not to spoil anything for you. I have to give it to J.J. Abrams and the entire crew because they know how to capture the essence of a movie. The film feels like a natural extension and next chapter after Return of the Jedi. The movie's visuals are fantastic and do a great job of mixing the practical effects with the CGI. Everything from the TIE fighters, to the X-Wings, to the Imperial Crusiers, and yes the Millenium Falcon look great and bring a real sense of nostalgia to the film. Some people may not like this but I actually like some of the story elements/scenes that are ripped straight from previous films in the original trilogy. I found them to be funny homages to those films. The acting is great in this film. John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are awesome in the lead roles and have great chemistry on screen. Oscar Isaac is awesome as pilot Po Dameron. I liked Adam Driver as Kylo Ren to an extent, I will go into his character a little more when I do my podcast review. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher are great in their roles as well, pretty much picking up where they left off. There are a couple of characters that are I thought were a little to much. For instance, General Hux was just annoying and Captain Phasma for all of they hypeness I thought she was going to bring, she's barely in the movie. Hopefully in Episode VIII she gets more screen time and actually does something. There were some things I didn't like about the movie but I can't really talk about them without revealing a few spoilers, one of them huge, so I won't do that at this time. I did like the climax and ending of the movie as I feel that it setup Episode VIII very well. Oh and I almost forgot to talk about the music. Its John Williams and its Star Wars so you know its going to be good. The score is familiar and still breahtaking. One more thing that I forgot to mention and actually this is the only minor spoiler that I am going to give but the Storm Troopers actually can shoot in this movie. I am so proud of them after over 30 years of not being able to hit the broad side of a barn they finally learned how to shoot.

For Parents
Its not bad for the little ones. There are a couple of lightsaber fights but you don't see any blood or anything. There are fight scenes but they are pretty tame, good, mind you but tame. The movie is paced well and does not drag. It is over 2 hours and the theater I was in had a lot of movie trailers attached to it.

The Verdict
As a Star Wars fan this was a dream come true. I am giving this a WATCH THIS IN IMAX rating. It had everything a Star Wars fan could want and it sets up Episode VIII nicely.

The Trailer

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