Final Super Smash Bros Direct Presentation

My Thoughts
Well it was a good run on Smash and I am glad to say that one of the best games of 2014 got a great sendoff yesterday. Masahiro Sakurai was in charge of the festivities of course. What we got was the final two characters that will be coming to Smash as well as some details about Cloud Strife. Here is what I thought about the reveals as well as if I am excited to try any of them out.

First up was Corrin. He is the new character in Fire Emblem Fates that will be hitting the 3DS early next year. Much like Robin there will be a female version of the character that will be playable with the same moveset. Now the interesting thing about the character in my opinion is how his moves are set. During this portion, Sakurai went in to good detail about his moveset and what Corrin's strengths are and how some of his moves operate. To me the character seems perfect for those players who are overly aggressive at least that's the vibe I get at first glance. His character has a tentative release date of February 2016.

Next up was Cloud Strife. Now we knew about him from the last direct only now Sakurai went into detail about his stage and his moves as well. On the Midgar Stage their are summon materia that will orbit around the stage ala how the Smash Ball is done. This materia can summon one of many of the summons from the Final Fantasy 7 game. Summons are a great addition as they can turn the tide in any match much like the Smash Ball. Cloud was available to purchase yesterday after the Direct was over and I was able to play as him for a little while last night and this morning. He plays pretty good so far, like most characters the more you spend time with them the better you will get at them. That being said I am looking forward to learning is nuances and taking him for a spin online in the future.

The last character reveal was the character that won the Smash Ballot. The Umbran Witch, Bayonetta will be coming to Smash (tentatively) in February of 2016. This was the one character I wanted but I didn't think was going to make it in but apparently a lot of people voted for her just like me. Her moveset looks to be in tact from the game and her Final Smash is summoning Gamorrah. Her character costumes are that of Bayonetta 2 as well as what she wore in Bayonetta 1. Me, personally I like how she looked in Bayonetta 2 so that is how I will be rocking her when she is made available. Her moveset to me is the most interesting of all because "Witch Time" can be activated. The only difference is the more times you activate it the quicker the duration shortens. Those multiplayer smashes are going to get real interesting real quick and strategy will be key with everyone's favorite Witch.

Other notable topics from the Direct. There will be one final Mii suit bundle for fans to pick up. Also not to worry but all of the character's will be getting amiibo as well. That means Cloud and Bayonetta will also be getting amiibo. The amiibo for Ryu and Roy will be available sometime next year and according to Sakurai they will inform people when they will be available for preorder and release. Those are my thoughts on the Direct. I look forward to next February and I hope you are too.

The Direct
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U - Final Video Presentation

Images from the Super Smash Bros Website

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