Series Review - Jessica Jones

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The Series
Jessica Jones is the second Marvel Netflix collaboration show and is loosely based on the Alias comic that ran from 2001 to 2004 (I think). The story revolves around a former superhero, Jessica Jones, who is now a Private Investigator working in Hell's Kitchen New York. Right from the start the show goes for a film noir style and kind of reminds me of some of the old private eye films of the 50's and 60's. I am going to try and stay away from spoilers in this discussion. While I enjoyed the series as a whole there were some things that I didn't like and I just want to get those out of the way. First, I thought that some of the fight/action sequences could have been shot better. There is one scene in particular that just looked like it was edited really bad. Some of the side characters I could care less about and its basically because I thought that they served no purpose. There were a couple of plot threads that I also thought were pointless as well, one being Jeri's (Carri Anne Moss' character) divorce and the second being the character of Simpson (Wil Travals' character). Simpson I thought was an okay character at first but he wore out his welcome and I felt like they were just trying to crow bar him in to the story. I know who he winds up becoming but I felt like he didn't really belong in this story. That being said I did feel like the series itself was one episode to long and that Rosario Dawson's character should have come in earlier in the series and stayed around for more than one episode. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, there is a lot to like here. The tone of the series is great and I personally like how much different this show feels from Daredevil. Where Daredevil tackled corruption, greed, and the justice system; Jessica Jones tackled rape, abortion, addiction, and abuse. Do I think Jessica Jones is darker than Daredevil? No, honestly I think that they are the same, its just that the themes are different. That combined with great performances by Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Rachel Taylor (who grew on me as the series went on), Erin Moriarty, David Tennant, and Carrie Anne Moss really made the show click to me. Ritter and Colter's chemistry is on point and seeing them on screen together throughout the series just works for me. Also enough cannot be said of David Tennant as the villain, Killgrave aKa The Purple Man. This may just be Marvel's best villain to date. Tennant does a fantastic job throughout the series portraying a charming and evil prick. You tend to miss him when he isn't on screen. The one spoiler I'm going to reveal is now so if you haven't finished the season yet this is your warning. People online have been complaining about Jessica killing Killgrave in the season finale. I don't have a problem with it because in the universe that Marvel has created there is no Raft or Cube where super powered villains are kept and due to the nature of his abilities there is no place to hold him. The cycle would just keep repeating itself so to me this was the best/only choice the writer's really had. All in all I have to say I have enjoyed this series and it got me even more amped for Luke Cage's series whenever that will be released. Here's hoping that Jessica will show up in that show.

For Parents
THIS AIN'T FOR KIDS!!!! Sorry but its true. The themes that they tackle are decidedly adult in nature and in execution. There is a few sex scenes in this series, some of which are actually funny, but they are in there. Nothing graphic but you know that the characters are having sex. There is gore and violence but nothing to over the top. It would basically be like watching a Rated R movie in the 80's.

The Verdict
Despite the issues that I had with some of the plot threads in the series this is getting a WATCH IT, from me. In my opinion there are more good episodes than bad ones. Also the main characters really did an excellent job. Really looking forward to Luke Cage and Daredevil Season 2 now.


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