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Comic Review - Secret Wars

DAMN IT, THAT WAS BRUTAL!!!! Look I am going to keep 100% honest with you, Marvel drug this event out entirely to long. I will try to keep from spilling any spoilers, so lets get to it shall we.

My thoughts
The Secret Wars is the event that effectively ends the Ultimate line of Marvel comics. The story is by Jonathan Hickman with art by Esad Ribic. I will admit that I am a fan of Ribic's artwork, as I feel that it fits the main line story well. If you don't know who Ribic is and are not familiar with his work he did the art for Thor previously. The story follows the Ultimate and present Marvel Universe's colliding into one another. In an effort to save reality Dr. Doom remakes reality into one where he is God and that the various characters of the Marvel Universe have no memory of what transpired before his new world of Battleworld. The event had a lot of tie-ins and I stayed on the X-Men side of the tie-ins. Some of these tie-ins I enjoyed others, not so much. The main sto…

Personal Faves - The Legend of Zelda

*Here is where I will discuss games that have a history. Giving my own personal look at why I find the series discussed to be enjoyable and what that series means to me.*

The Legend of Zelda series is my favorite gaming series period. While I do play a lot of different games in many different genres, the Zelda games are the ones that I find to be truly engaging. Growing up I was always fascinated by works of fantasy fiction. Books that told stories of grand adventures with heroes and villains, swordplay and magic were things that I would dive headlong in to, often finishing them up quickly while looking forward to the next tale. When I started gaming I gravitated toward the action adventure genre and that is where I found the Legend of Zelda. The first game I played in the series was A Link to the Past. The game was fun and presented more of a save the damsel in distress type dynamic, which in all honesty as an awkward and incredibly nerdy 12 year old, worked for me. It wasn't unt…

First Impressions - Devil's Third

Available on Wii U and PC

The Game
Let me put up a disclaimer here, at the time of this posting I have not jumped into the online multiplayer for this game yet. I am still working my way through the single player. Once I spend some time in the multiplayer I will do another impression of that feature of the game. With that being said let's talk a little bit about Devil's Third shall we. This game is actually interesting to me, seeing as how it has been critically panned by most major gaming sites. I have found the game to be particularly fun, it has that Itagaki style that I have come to like as a gamer over the years. That's right peeps, this is a Tomanobu Itagaki game, yeah the Japanese guy with the shades. Looks like a Japanese Keith Richards, responsible for the Ninja Gaiden series. This is his new game from his new studio Valhalla Studios. The first thing you notice is that this game has his signature style all over it and to me that's a good thing. The action is ov…