Comic Review - Secret Wars

DAMN IT, THAT WAS BRUTAL!!!! Look I am going to keep 100% honest with you, Marvel drug this event out entirely to long. I will try to keep from spilling any spoilers, so lets get to it shall we.

My thoughts
The Secret Wars is the event that effectively ends the Ultimate line of Marvel comics. The story is by Jonathan Hickman with art by Esad Ribic. I will admit that I am a fan of Ribic's artwork, as I feel that it fits the main line story well. If you don't know who Ribic is and are not familiar with his work he did the art for Thor previously. The story follows the Ultimate and present Marvel Universe's colliding into one another. In an effort to save reality Dr. Doom remakes reality into one where he is God and that the various characters of the Marvel Universe have no memory of what transpired before his new world of Battleworld. The event had a lot of tie-ins and I stayed on the X-Men side of the tie-ins. Some of these tie-ins I enjoyed others, not so much. The main story of Secret Wars played out, in all honesty, like a comic book Game of Thrones in a way. There was betrayal's, assassinations, political intrigue and the like within the nine issues of the story. Like most events though this one suffered from having a good beginning but didn't stick the landing. The climatic fight happens, you see Doom tear through certain characters who are powerful but in true comic fashion it came down to him and Reed Richards. Which in all honesty kind of makes no sense when you see how many powerful characters he takes out before that fight takes place. Outside of that issue, the story is coherent. Hickman is a good storyteller even if sometimes it takes a little while for him to get to the point. Like I said earlier the artwork is great and one of the things I enjoyed greatly about the event. My only other main issue with this event is how long it took to wrap up. This event should have been wrapped up in October when the new series restarts released. When there were still 3 issues left to go in the event and the new comics are being released it throws a lot of things off. Especially, when the ending doesn't really wrap up some things for some characters that were in the main event. This brought the event down for me in some ways.

The Verdict
I'm going to give this a BORROW IT. That way you can make a decision for yourself if its worth adding to your collection of not. I wish that they would not have drug things out as far as releases were concerned because it caused me to think that the ending was going to be something better than I thought. For this run I am sticking to the X-Men side of Marvel from now on, so the next event is the Apocalypse Wars so this should be interesting.

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