First Impressions - Devil's Third

Available on Wii U and PC

The Game
Let me put up a disclaimer here, at the time of this posting I have not jumped into the online multiplayer for this game yet. I am still working my way through the single player. Once I spend some time in the multiplayer I will do another impression of that feature of the game. With that being said let's talk a little bit about Devil's Third shall we. This game is actually interesting to me, seeing as how it has been critically panned by most major gaming sites. I have found the game to be particularly fun, it has that Itagaki style that I have come to like as a gamer over the years. That's right peeps, this is a Tomanobu Itagaki game, yeah the Japanese guy with the shades. Looks like a Japanese Keith Richards, responsible for the Ninja Gaiden series. This is his new game from his new studio Valhalla Studios. The first thing you notice is that this game has his signature style all over it and to me that's a good thing. The action is over the top, the violence is bloody and the hero is a trash talking Russian with a penchant for destruction. Its everything that makes video games great. Visually, is where this game suffers especially if you are a graphics over game play type gamer. Personally, I think its fine but that's because I am a game play over graphics kind of guy. Character models and environments don't look bad its just not up to what we are used to seeing this generation. In my opinion though this doesn't hurt the game at all.

The Game Play
Here is where the game shines, for me at least. The game play is a mix of shooting and melee action. I will say that it does take a little while to get used to it especially the bounding box. Also, if I may make a suggestion this game is better played with the Pro Controller. It just feels better using a Pro Controller rather than using the Game Pad. As for enemies to fight they are varied and just like in the Ninja Gaiden series there are biological weapons that you will have to fight from time to time. The game can sometimes have a frenetic pace and you will have to use cover and line up your shots to take down some enemies. Other enemies you can hack them to death with a variety of melee weapons. Personally, I find the katana and the dual hatchets my favorite secondary weapon to have.

The Soundtrack
The music isn't that bad some of the music matches the action, sometimes it doesn't. As far as the voice acting is concerned I actually like it in game. The story dialogue can be cheesy at times but in all honesty I think that's what they were going for with this story. Remember what I said earlier its kind of like Ninja Gaiden in that way, the story is severely over the top but in a good way.

The Wrap
At the point that I am in the game, I don't know where the hate for this game was coming from. Like I said earlier I have not jumped into the multiplayer yet but from what I have heard from friends it is a lot of fun. I look forward to jumping into that portion, hopefully this week. Let me know in the comments if you are interested in this game.

Game Play Vid

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