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The Games
In a time where all forms of entertainment is looking to be more diverse and inclusive one game is as fun as it is controversial. Bayonetta from Platinum Games is a action game that is based on a witch named, ironically, Bayonetta. The two games have gotten a lot of praise as well as a lot of hate. This being the age of social media its not hard to imagine the hate. Still, I find the haterade that is usually thrown at this game and character to be misplaced and at times wholly inaccurate. First, lets be clear on one thing. These games are rated M for Mature. In other words they are meant for gamers 17 and older, that being said there are elements in the game that are meant for mature audiences. Such as language and gore, most of the enemies in the games are forms of angels and demons and she beats both with extreme prejudice and a witty retort. From torture attacks to monstrous summons as well as the various weapons she uses these games are packed with Platinum's signature style and eye for the action genre. This can be a little off putting to some people but once again the game is intended for mature audiences and I don't know about you but every now and then a little God of War, Bayonetta, or Devil May Cry is needed to help alleviate stress.

The Character Herself
There are a number of reasons why I love this character and why I think that she is an important fixture in gaming. None of those reasons have to do with her physical appearance mind you. Yes, I am a man and yes I believe that women are the most beautiful thing walking the earth. At the same time I like real women not fictional ones. So you're not going to see me drooling over artwork I can control myself when need be. The first thing that I like about her is her strength.  She is confident in her abilities to the point of being cocky, but like my high school defensive line coach would say it ain't cocky if ya back it up and she certainly does. Now some people have a problem with this because some of her attacks, especially the torture attacks, are flirtatious in appearance before she kills said monster. I don't have a problem with this since this is a M rated game. This brings me to another thing I like about her, her style. Bayonetta's style will rub people the wrong way at first but the more time you spend playing the game you come to understand the type of person she is and the world in which she resides. Now I have gotten in to plenty of arguments with people about this and I honestly don't get the big deal with her summons. First of all if you wear the base costume, when Bayonetta does a summon she will do a little dance move and she will appear to be nude with her hair swirling around her body. You really don't see anything but her back and her longs. Some people, however, have a problem with this and I can't understand why. One of the major things and last thing that I will list here that I like about her character is her swag. She does things her way and is unapologetic for it, the true staple of an action badass.

Needless to say Bayonetta is a popular franchise. I think what Platinum has done with this series is awesome. There is even an animated film that was made called Bayonetta Bloody Fate. Great movie by the way, I did a review of it a while back the animation is by MADHouse. Bayonetta 2 which released on Wii U back in 2014 comes packed with the original and on February 19th Bayonetta 2 will be sold as a standalone disc for $29. She was also recently added to the roster for Smash Bros U/3DS as DLC. Actually, she was the character that fans voted in to the game. I have been playing with her in that game and she is fun to play with once you get the hang of her combos. There is also rumor going around that Platinum is interested in doing a 3rd entry in the series. While a niche action title with an overly ridiculous story it is still a fun ride type of game. Here's hoping that her star continues to shine, as she is one of gaming's badass action heroes.

Bayonetta 2 Game Play

Smash Bros U Game Play

Game Play by Jay
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