Film Review - Batman Bad Blood

The Movie
Not to be confused with the Taylor Swift track, this movie is the newest film from DC animation. This particular focuses on a majority of the Bat family. Batman is missing and its up to Nightwing, Robin (Damien Wayne), Batwoman, and BatWing to find him while also trying to figure out who the Heretic is and what is gang is up to in Gotham. I am not going to spoil this movie for anyone but this movie is great from start to finish. The animation is clean and fluid. You can tell what's going on in the action sequences at all times. They also do a good job of introducing Batwoman and Batwing into the animated movies. In my opinion they give you just enough that if they wanted to do their own movies they could. The voice acting is very good as Jason O'Mara returns as Bruce Wayne/Batman, Stuart Allen as Robin/Damian Wayne, Sean Maher as Nightwing/Dick Grayson, Yvonne Strahovski as Batwoman/Katherine Kane, and Gaius Charles as Batwing/Luke Fox. If you have been following the Batman animated movies of the past few years then you know this cast and should be familiar with them. The story is not that bad. Its not my favorite one from the Batman animated films but it is still good, in my opinion. My main issue with this movie has to do with the fact that they still have not introduced Tim Drake yet. Tim is a member of the Bat family yet they seem to enjoy omitting him for some reason. There is a Batgirl sighting but that is at the end of the movie and amounts to nothing more than a stinger.

For Parents
Like most of the DC animated movies this movie is PG-13. There is fighting in it and some language, its not much but it is in there. There is also a dream sequence in the movie that involves a character in bed with three women. Other than that I don't think that its bad. Like I said earlier its just like the other animated movies in terms of content.

The Verdict
I give this a FULL PRICE/BUY. Its a good movie and clocks in at an hour and minutes. It is action packed from beginning to end and is paced very well. A nice addition to the movie library I must say.

The Trailer

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