Film Review - Deadpool

The Movie
This is the perfect anti-hero comic book movie. If you are a fan of Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds nailed it and the funny thing about it is EVERYTHING. This movie is funny from the opening credits to the ending credits. You are going to laugh in this movie and you are going to laugh a lot. Don't worry I won't spoil anything plot wise in this movie as I want people to see it and you need to to take in all of the awesomeness. This movie has everything, action, gore, comedy, and something I was not expecting and actual love story. Yes, they put a love story in here and it worked. There is 4th wall breaking humor in here and its not awkward and it comes at the right time. Let me just say this if you are a fan of Warner Bros. or 20th Century Fox you may be a little uncomfortable in this movie. He takes jabs at them whenever he has a chance and it is hilarious. The action is way over the top but it works in the context of the movie. Also the humor is dark, so if you are one of those easily offended people you shouldn't be watching this movie. The supporting cast was also great. One of the best things about this movie in my opinion is Colossus. He's CG'd for the entirety of the movie but you know what he looks like he is supposed to look in the comics. Also he's speaking with a freaking Russian accent. He doesn't look like a broke T-1000 but like his comic counterpart. It goes without saying that this movie shows my dislike for the 20th Century Fox portrayal of the X-Men. These guys did it right on a small budget. (Sorry, for that but it had to be said) There wasn't much that I didn't like about the movie. If I had to say one thing it would be the main villain Francis a.K.a Ajax. Ed Skrein is not a bad acting but to me it just didn't seem like it worked with him. Other than that I think everything just clicked and worked well. There are obviously some things from the comics that aren't in there but I have a feeling that they will be coming in the sequel and yes the sequel has already been greenlit. I have to say this but it would have been nice if they could have gotten Hugh Jackman to be in this movie. It would have been awesome to see that on screen in a Rated R movie. Maybe we could have finally gotten to see Wolverine go berserk.

For Parents
THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS!!!! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT FOR KIDS!!! I have to say that because there were parents who brought there young kids to see this movie and were complaining as they left 5 minutes in. This movie is Rated R for a reason. There is foul language, a sex montage (its really funny), gore, excessive violence, this is not something a small child should see. If your kids are in high school then yeah because they should know all that stuff but elementary school NO. Once again this is not a superhero movie, this one is for the anti heroes. It was made rated R for a reason people so please pay attention and be responsible.

The Verdict
This is a FULL PRICE/PICKING IT UP AS SOON AS IT HITS BLU RAY for me. I am a fan of the X-Men comics and this is the first movie to actually get a character right from that universe. There is a stinger at the end of the movie so you would more than likely want to hang around. Looking forward to the sequel.

The Trailer

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