First Impressions - Dragon Quest Heroes

Available on PS4, PS3, and PC. Version played PS4

The Game
So I finally got my hands on Dragon Quest Heroes a few weeks ago. This is a Koei Tecmo game and is in the same vein as the Dynasty Warriors games, in other words its a musou game. Like the One Piece Pirate Warriors game, this game has the musou style and game play but the setting is in the Dragon Quest world. The game revolves around monsters and people living together in harmony. As a matter of fact the game opens up at a festival when all of the sudden the monsters lose their minds and start attacking the townsfolk. At this point you pick what character you want to start with and proceed to clear the castle and town of the rampaging monsters. Along the way you meet a variety of playable characters with their own unique styles. Graphically, the game is beautiful. Koei Tecmo and that team does a great job with the art style and environments. Anime fans or fans of the Dragon Ball and Dr. Slump series' of manga will notice that the character art is all done by Akira Toriyama.

The Gameplay
Like most musou games, this is a hack n slash game with slight RPG elements. One of the elements of this game that separates it from other games that come before it is Tension. Yes, that's right, you can now go Super Saiyan God in a Dragon Quest game. I will say this it is a beautiful sight to behold. On top of that it can clear out the screen which can come in handy. There is a little bit of strategy or at least I would say timing concerns as some abilities need to be used at the right time in order to be used their best effects. Like most musou games you can rack up kills quickly but due to the variety in the game play it can be fun.

The Soundtrack
This game's voice acting is decidely British. I don't know if that was by accident or by design but it kind of works for the game in my opinion. The music is fun and has that Dragon Quest feel to it and it sounds great. Now some of the dialogue can get a little much at times but that's where the comedy comes in to play. There is one character in particular that always has a plan or a strategy that is extremely long winded. He is always getting cut off mid plan which I found to be pretty hilarious. So far I am enjoying the jokes and the story isn't that bad where I am at now.

The Wrap
If you are a fan of Dragon Quest and musou games then this is for you. Its pretty easy to pick up and the jokes do help the story along. The art work is amazing and there is a lot of variety in the enemies and character game play. I look forward to finishing this one as I am having a good time with this game.

Game Play Vid

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