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Gamer's Thoughts - My favorite video game Heroines

Well we've come to the end of March and I wanted to do something a little different for Women's month and that is to share my favorite gaming heroines. Now this list isn't in any particular order and these are my favorites. If you have favorites that's cool, if you want to list them in the comments section by all means do.

Bayonetta - What can I say. Bayonetta is one of the coolest, most badass characters to come around. Her character can be described as complicated at best seeing as how she is the product of the love affair of a Witch and a Sage. In her games she plays be her own rules which are heavily action oriented.  She is playful to an extent but can be brutal when it's go time. She cares about her friends even if sometimes she treats them a little rough.  Always stylish and ready to dance in bullet art style she has become one of my favorite action game heroines of the past few years. 
Princess Zelda - By now you should know that I am a Legend of Zelda fanbo…

First Impressions - Pokken Tournament

Available on Wii U

The Game
Imagine Pokemon as a fighting game. Now imagine the game being developed by team members that work on the Tekken series. What you have when you add these two elements together is Pokken Tournament. This game is gorgeous for a fighter and is packed with content. There are 14 characters available with the game boots up with 2 being unlockable. Its a nice diverse group of Pokemon to choose from and each Pokemon has a unique feel and moveset taken from the Pokemon games. From a visual standpoint, the arenas and characters all look very well done. There are also a lot of unlockables in this game from achievements to titles to support sets of Pokemon. There is a lot of replay value in this game. The game takes place in the Ferrum Region and the developers of the game really did a good job in making it feel like a Pokemon game. I have to give them credit for that as it is evident that thought went into this game. It always cool to see an established IP play in a di…

Film Review - Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

The Movie
It has taken me a while to get my thoughts together on this movie, especially with all the differing opinions that will accompany a hyped movie like this one. It is no secret that comic book fans have been waiting a long time to see Batman and Superman go at it on the big screen or at the very least be on screen at the same time. Outside of the animated movies and cartoons it hasn't been done until now. By now I am sure a lot of you have seen some of the critic reviews and have formed your own opinions about those reviews. After seeing the movie last night I am going to be honest with you, a lot of the critics were not wrong in their criticisms of this movie. I do think they went overboard on some of their scores but they weren't completely wrong. Let me start by doing what I normally do and state the positives. The actors, this movie is well cast especially Ben Affleck. He shines both as Bruce Wayne and as Batman. Thinking about it him and Jeremy Irons as Alfred hav…

Series Review - Daredevil Season 2

Available on NetFlix

The Season
Well that escalated quickly. This season picks up quickly and I will try not to spoil anything because there are a few surprises that happen during this season. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months this season introduces both The Punisher played by Jon Beranthal and Elektra played by Elodie Young. Both of them did a great job, especially Jon Beranthal he owned the Castle role. The action sequences, like in the first season are amazing. The choreography as it pertains to the action is always great in this series and this season kicks it up a notch. The season is split into two arcs one being the arc with Frank Castle and the other being the arc with Elektra and the Hand. There are some notable characters that return from the first season as well as some call outs to Jessica Jones and a very crafty setup for a character that will be showing up in the Luke Cage series that will be out later this year. There are a lot of easter eg…

First Impressions - Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Available on PS4, XBONE, PS3, XBox 360, and PC; Version played PS4

The Game I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this is more than likely the last game in this series. If you have played any of the other games in this series then you pretty much know what to expect from this title. This game covers the last part of the Naruto story which deals with the 4th Great Ninja War. There are plenty of modes to choose from but for this post I would like to focus on the main story mode as that is what I spent the majority of time with so far. If you have played any of the previous games in the series, you know that the game keeps that cel-shaded style and over the top animations that people have come to know and love. I have to give Cyber Connect 2 credit they really know how to make an anime come to life in a video game format. The game looks and runs smoothly and has an awesome opening from Kana-Boon.

The Gameplay/Combat If there is one thing I don't really like about this game ser…

First Impressions - Street Fighter V

Available on PS4 and PC
*Disclaimer: As you should be well aware of by now this game has features that are missing but have been promised down the road. With the first initial update to come this month. That being said I just wanted to give my impressions of the game that I have played so far, I may do a full review of the game once the rest of the features are live.*

The Game
Its the new Street Fighter game, fighting game fans rejoice (or at least the Street Fighter Fans). Graphically, this game looks a lot like Street Fighter IV. It has an exaggerated cel shaded look, that at first glance looks pretty weird but in game matches the games tone and style very well. The are 16 fighters to choose from with more being unlockable or purchased via the season pass. Of the fighters I have played with each one feels unique and the characters feel like they can fit certain play styles very well. It may take a little while to find your favorite but it shouldn't be to hard to find a couple of f…

First Impressions - Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD

Available on the Nintendo Wii U

The Game
Not bad for a ten year old game. The original game came out in 2006 for both the Wii and Gamecube. It's not my favorite Zelda title but that doesn't mean it isn't good. The story in this game is actually very good and has some great cutscenes that add a cinematic type scope to the game's narrative. Link at the beginning of the game, is a cowboy in Ordon Village. It is a small village nestled in the forests of Hyrule. On the day before he is set to go to Hyrule Castle to deliver a gift to the royal family he and two of his friends are attacked by King Bulbin, an Orc looking creature who is obviously searching for something. When Link awakens he rushes after them hoping to catch up and save his friends and that's quick opening to this game. I won't say anymore because it could spoil the game for those who never got a chance to play. Needless to say the HD upgrade looks great overall, however, I must say that in some cases i…

Thoughts on the latest Direct

*Meant to have this up last week but as life would have it I was unable to get it done. Here are just a few of the things I liked from that presentation.*

Star Fox
First things first its not delayed which is great news. There was some worry about this as the rumor mill had been turning something fierce lately. They showed a new video and showed off a new area that will be in game. Nintendo and Platinum are doing there thing and I am really looking forward to seeing how the game plays on the U. I am looking forward to jumping back in to the Arwing, it has been to long.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions Sharp FE
This is the crossover between Fire Emblem and Shin Megami Tensei. Nintendo finally gave a release date as well as a little more insight into the game. The North American release is keeping the Japanese voice track, personally happy about that. There aren't that many JRPG's on the U so this will be a welcome game to fans of the genre. Here's hoping that the game does well as the JR…