First Impressions - Pokken Tournament

Available on Wii U

The Game
Imagine Pokemon as a fighting game. Now imagine the game being developed by team members that work on the Tekken series. What you have when you add these two elements together is Pokken Tournament. This game is gorgeous for a fighter and is packed with content. There are 14 characters available with the game boots up with 2 being unlockable. Its a nice diverse group of Pokemon to choose from and each Pokemon has a unique feel and moveset taken from the Pokemon games. From a visual standpoint, the arenas and characters all look very well done. There are also a lot of unlockables in this game from achievements to titles to support sets of Pokemon. There is a lot of replay value in this game. The game takes place in the Ferrum Region and the developers of the game really did a good job in making it feel like a Pokemon game. I have to give them credit for that as it is evident that thought went into this game. It always cool to see an established IP play in a different genre and it work out so well. Hopefully, Nintendo will keep this going as it is an interesting concept that is a lot of fun.

The Game Play
You would think that this game is going to be technical since some of the minds behind the Tekken series developed this game. However, this game is action oriented. Heavily action oriented game I must say. I mentioned that there are a lot of modes in this game and the most important is the Practice Mode. It will take a while to complete but it is very important if you want to be good at this game. There are a lot of nuances that you will need to learn and you learn the skills you will need in the Practice Mode. It's a lot to go over so I will only talk about the Duel and Phase Shift. Duel Phase is when the fight changes from a field view to a 2.5D fighter view ala Tekken. Your moveset changes between these shifts and they can be triggered by certain moves. This is something that is important to understand in learning how to play the game. The mega evolutions are back and can be activated once your Synergy Gauge is full. These attacks are powerful and can really help change the flow of battle. There are a number of support Pokemon that are available in the game. They are in sets and one can be chosen before the battle begins. At any time you are in trouble you can call in your support Pokemon to lend a hand. Each support Pokemon have different abilities so pay attention to your set and which Pokemon you would like to use. Trust me there is a lot to learn in this game and if you want to go online I suggest you learn it and get good. I have been online and I haven't had any issues with lag yet. I have heard other people having some issues but not to bad. Game also offers couch co-op, so you can play with a friend in the house (don't know why gaming has moved away from this) its great to see that feature there.

The Soundtrack
The soundtrack is pretty standard. It has familiar themes from the Pokemon games as well as the sounds that certain Pokemon make like Pikachu. Overall, not a bad soundtrack, it works for the game I feel.

The Wrap Up
What can I say, its a pretty fun game. I have to say that I have been interested in this title ever since I seen the first game play from the arcade version in Japan. I am glad that it got a home console release. I think that the roster is good and I know that there are going to be some people upset that there favorite Pokemon didn't make the cut. However, I think the ones that NamcoBandai decided to go with work well for what they were trying to accomplish.

Game Play Vid

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