First Impressions - Street Fighter V

Available on PS4 and PC
*Disclaimer: As you should be well aware of by now this game has features that are missing but have been promised down the road. With the first initial update to come this month. That being said I just wanted to give my impressions of the game that I have played so far, I may do a full review of the game once the rest of the features are live.*

The Game
Its the new Street Fighter game, fighting game fans rejoice (or at least the Street Fighter Fans). Graphically, this game looks a lot like Street Fighter IV. It has an exaggerated cel shaded look, that at first glance looks pretty weird but in game matches the games tone and style very well. The are 16 fighters to choose from with more being unlockable or purchased via the season pass. Of the fighters I have played with each one feels unique and the characters feel like they can fit certain play styles very well. It may take a little while to find your favorite but it shouldn't be to hard to find a couple of fighters to main. Me personally,  I am partial to Ken and Cammy but then again that's just me.

The Gameplay/Combat
Just like in IV this game is a 2.5D game with that classic Street Fighter flair we all know and love. This game introduces the V System, which is a varied system that will take a little time to understand and even more time to master. Just know that each character's V system skills are different and add an extra layer of strategy to the game. The system can easily turn the tide in any battle so it is very important to learn that system, especially if you want to be good at the game.

The Soundtrack
All of your classic tracks are here as well as some new ones for the new arrivals. I have to say that I do enjoy the soundtrack to the Street Fighter series its always filled with great themes. The voice acting isn't half bad either, none of the characters are annoying or have annoying voices in my opinion. All in all its a great soundtrack.

The Wrap Up
Like I said in my disclaimer, there are some features missing and some things that I find messed up about the game. One, you have to sign in to Capcom's servers to even play the game which to me is beyond stupid for obvious reasons. I bought this game at launch and to me it was unacceptable how much of the game did not work and was unplayable. Two, there is no Arcade mode. In a fighting game like this it is absolutely essential to have that for players. Lastly, the Story Mode that they do have is grossly misused. Most characters stories are only 2 - 4 fights long. In all honesty you can finish the Story Mode of this game in about 20 - 30 minutes, especially since none of the fights are that hard or challenging. Survival mode is fun and can be challenging at times but that is about it besides the online mode for the game. I will try and reserve full judgment until those updates come but Capcom could have avoided a lot of controversy if they just would have been up front with gamers to begin with and let us know what the roll out was going to be like. As it stands now I would caution people to hold off getting this game until the summer with that other update will release. However, if you can't wait I will tell you that the game play is good and when the network is up I have had no problems going online and finding people to play with. I will still caution people interested to wait until the summer though.

Game Play Vid

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