Gamer's Thoughts - My favorite video game Heroines

Well we've come to the end of March and I wanted to do something a little different for Women's month and that is to share my favorite gaming heroines. Now this list isn't in any particular order and these are my favorites. If you have favorites that's cool, if you want to list them in the comments section by all means do.

  • Bayonetta - What can I say. Bayonetta is one of the coolest, most badass characters to come around. Her character can be described as complicated at best seeing as how she is the product of the love affair of a Witch and a Sage. In her games she plays be her own rules which are heavily action oriented.  She is playful to an extent but can be brutal when it's go time. She cares about her friends even if sometimes she treats them a little rough.  Always stylish and ready to dance in bullet art style she has become one of my favorite action game heroines of the past few years. 

  • Princess Zelda - By now you should know that I am a Legend of Zelda fanboy. No list of favorite heroines coming from me will be without my favorite Princess. The name sake of her series what started out as a Princess in need of rescuing has turned in to a Princess that can hold her own. Ever since Ocarina of Time her character has grown more and more. With each game we get to learn a little more about the bearer of the Triforce of Wisdom. In Hyrule Warriors fans finally got a chance to play as her and let's just say she isn't a person to be trifled with. Her new game is set to hit sometime this year and I am honestly looking forward to it and her role in this new adventure. 

  • Samus Aran - Gaming's most famous bounty hunter and all around planet blower upper. Samus's story starts off tragic and dark as her planet was ransacked by space pirates her parents killed in front of her eyes with her being left for dead. She was saved and subsequently raised by the alien race the Chozo who were able to save her life via a blood transfusion. After she completed her training with the Chozo she spent a little time with the Space Federation and from there went on to become a famous bounty hunter. Known and feared across the galaxy as The Hunter, you pretty much want to stay on her good side. Oh and if you are a space pirate or a space dragon named Ridley she's pretty much going to kill you with extreme prejudice. Her games have always been fun even if they go in a different direction than what has come before it. Here's hoping the next entry in the series will be just as awesome as the others.

  • Aurora (Child of Light) - One of my favorite games of 2014. Aurora's story is a lot of things. There is sadness, depression, death, joy, happiness, and finding your place all in one tiny package. The game itself boasts a cel shaded style but don't let that fool you. This game handles a lot of mature themes, however, it doesn't beat you over the head with it. Through the course of the story, Aurora meets and befriends an eclectic group of characters all on her way to a showdown with her wicked stepmother for the fate of two worlds. It is a really good story and I am hoping that a sequel gets announced as it is one of those games that I feel should be played and enjoyed by everyone. 

  • Kasumi (Dead or Alive series) - What can I say she is my favorite kunoichi besides Hinata from Naruto. Kasumi is one of the main characters of the Dead or Alive fighting game series and is a side character in the Ninja Gaiden series. While people have certain feelings about both series, I find them to be a lot of fun. Especially since they are aimed at a more mature audience and has to do with freakin ninjas. Her story in the DoA series is pretty straight forward. She becomes a runaway shinobi after she learns her brother has been kidnapped. In becoming a runaway shinobi she will always be hunted by the ninja of her village. Kind of a sad story seeing as how she left to save her brother. As a fighter she is easy to learn hard to master but I admit that I do like playing as her as I find her easy to pick up and play.

There you have it my personal favorite gaming heroines. While there are a lot of women in games and some that I haven't mentioned here that I am actually fond of, I thought it best to keep my list short. Hope you all enjoyed the list. Let me know your favorites in the comments and share out this post and the Geek Alley blog.

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