Series Review - Daredevil Season 2

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The Season
Well that escalated quickly. This season picks up quickly and I will try not to spoil anything because there are a few surprises that happen during this season. Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few months this season introduces both The Punisher played by Jon Beranthal and Elektra played by Elodie Young. Both of them did a great job, especially Jon Beranthal he owned the Castle role. The action sequences, like in the first season are amazing. The choreography as it pertains to the action is always great in this series and this season kicks it up a notch. The season is split into two arcs one being the arc with Frank Castle and the other being the arc with Elektra and the Hand. There are some notable characters that return from the first season as well as some call outs to Jessica Jones and a very crafty setup for a character that will be showing up in the Luke Cage series that will be out later this year. There are a lot of easter eggs this season and the creators are doing a better job of acknowledging the larger goings on in Hell's Kitchen. That being said there are a few things that I did not like and it has to do with a TV/Film trope. The best friend of the super hero acting like a nagging wife. As much as I liked Foggy this season, this season really made me start to hate him. I can understand being upset with certain things that were happening but it felt like it was never ending with him. At one point he really sounded like a nagging wife it was very annoying. Another thing is they never really explain what the whole war between the Hand and the Chaste is about, they talk about it but it is kind of confusing and then that's all they give you. Then there is Elektra, they change up her origin to fit this season and I don't really appreciate it especially since they tried to make a cross between the Frank Miller version of her character and the movie version. Now don't get me wrong in the comics Elektra is an emotionless killing machine and I knew they were not going to do that with the character but they do something to her in the season that I just didn't like story wise. Its kind of like the change they made to Luke Cage's story in Jessica Jones, that's probably the best comparison I can make without spoiling anything. With the exception of a couple of episodes I can honestly say I enjoyed the whole season. I will say that I enjoyed the Punisher arc more than the Elektra arc as it felt like a better overall story to me.

For Parents
This ain't for kids. There is a lot of violence in this season of Daredevil. There are also a couple of torture scenes where they actually show the torture. Also let's not forget that the Punisher kills a lot of people as does Elektra. If this were a movie it would more than likely be Rated R and that's a Hard R not a Soft R.

The Wrap
In my opinion this season is better than season one. There are a few problems with the season but I feel like overall that it moves Daredevil's story forward. Now as to how he will fit in with the Defenders we are just going to have to wait and see about that, hopefully he will pop up in Jessica Jones Season 2 since we know that will hit before Defenders airs. I give this series a WATCH IT NOW!!!!


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