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First Impressions - Star Fox Zero

Available on the Wii U

The Game
People have been asking for a Star Fox game for a while now and Nintendo has released Star Fox Zero, which was co developed by Platinum Studios. I bring up Platinum Studios because I love that Studio and their games. This Star Fox game however, is not a new entry in the series but rather a remake of the N64 classic with upgraded visuals, new vehicles, and new secrets. The game starts with Team Star Fox getting a call from General Pepper that the evil Andross is back and is attacking the planet Corneria, more importantly the capital city. The basic gist of the game is take on missions until you get face to face with Andross. I won't spoil anything from the story of the game but let's just say that it isn't that bad. From a visual point of view the game is beautiful. There is nothing like looking at the Great Fox for the first time in outer space or when you are flying through Corneria. Of course you really don't have much time to sightsee …

Thoughts on the Star Fox Zero Presentation

The Anime
So Star Fox starts off with The Battle Begins an animated short that serves as kind of a prequel to the game. Production I.G. and WIT Studios put together a very good short in my opinion. The animation, voice acting, and sound is spot on. The art design is amazing as well which makes the animation work well. There are some easter eggs in the short that are cool as well. One of my favorite is Falco playing the video game which just happens to be the SNES version of Star Fox. It was a nice little homage seeing as how this game is pretty much a reboot of that game. All of the characters personality's are there, Peppy is the father figure, Slippy is still annoying, Falco is still a gangsta, and Fox is still the cool leader. There are also some nice jokes in here as well and one thing that the narrative does is doing a good job at showing how they act in their downtime. The flying animations especially when the action kicks in to high gear is beautiful and I'm not going t…

First Look - Lost Reavers Beta

Available on Wii U

The Beta
The past weekend the beta for the Lost Reavers game was made public on the eShop. The beta is open from April 14 - 26th with the game releasing on April 28, 2016. Its an online game with the purpose of using four characters to hunt for a relic in an area and bring it back to the base. The four characters that are available are Sayuri, Victoria, Dwayne, and Shadowstalker. Each character plays differently and utilizes a unique style all their own. Sayuri uses a katana and an SMG with an 80 round clip. Victoria uses dual guns, one a revolver and the other an automatic. Dwayne has damn near every weapon known to man. Honestly, though he is strapped and ready to bring the pain should the need arise. Shadowstalker uses a shotgun and axe to deal with enemies. You start the beta off with a tutorial to get you used to the controls and what each character plays like. Personally, I like using Sayuri as in my opinion she is faster than the other characters. I can see ho…

Film Review - Justice League vs Teen Titans

The Movie
The newest animated release from Warner Bros and DC is sure to pull on the nostaglia strings of some people. In this movie, Damian Wayne is sent to the Teen Titans in order to learn the importance of teamwork and to be around kids his age. If you have been following the animated movies then you know how Damian is and how this would be an exercise in patience for the members of the Titans. Just like you would expect from the DC animation house, this animation is visually beautiful. The character models look great and the voice acting is good as well. The action as well is good, nothing that really stands out to me but it is good. The Titans themselves are a pretty interesting group. In this interpretation Starfire runs the team and his obviously older, basically she's the "mother hen" if you will of the group.  This brings me to a small gripe that I have with this particular movie. To me it seems like DC is trying to get people thinking about the original Teen T…

Series Review - Street Fighter Resurrection

Series Review
Well that was unbelievably short. The follow up to the fan favorite Assassin's Fist web series and later BluRay/DVD release, has some good to it and some bad. I hate to have to say it but just from the outside looking in, it looks like Capcom wanted this done. The series is kind of a prequel to Street Fighter V and while the fights are enjoyable something just seems to be missing from this series. Let me start with the good. The fight choreography once again is great in my opinion. The creators do a good job of showing off the different fighters styles and attacks even the way the carry themselves during fights. Most of the acting is done well even at the most predictable of story elements and sequences. The character that I liked the most was Nash. I liked what they did with him and the actor playing him did a very good job in my opinion. Note I said most of the acting, not all (I have to specify because well you know how the Internet is). Let's talk about the b…

A Gamer's Thoughts - Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo

Demo available on PSN and XBLive; version played PS4

My Thoughts
This isn't going to be an impression seeing as how it is a demo but I did want to share my thoughts on it as this demo is different than the Episode Duscae demo that came with Final Fantasy Type 0. First things first, this demo is short and by short I mean ridiculously short. On my first playthrough I beat it in about 25 minutes. The demo takes place in Noctis' dreams. When the game opens you are met by his spirit guide with the purpose of the demo being to find the path out and to him waking up. One thing I noticed when I started my play was that this looks great. Graphically speaking the visuals are amazing and I am guessing by the time the game releases it will be even better. The demo is also broken up in to four sections. With each section offering up a different type of terrain/area. The detail in each section is pretty good. One section is an obvious homage to Alice in Wonderland which I have to admit was d…

Gamer's Thoughts - Linkle from Hyrule Warriors

Available on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

The Character
It's been known for a while that Hyrule Warriors Legends would have characters that weren't available on the original Wii U release. For the purpose of this post I just want to focus on one character in particular. Don't worry I will be giving my first impressions on the game at a later date. The character I want to discuss is Linkle. Despite what some people may believe she is not a female version of Link. The character has a completely different playstyle, uses a different weapon, and quite frankly is faster than her big brother. While I understand the "big brother" comment may or may not be true depending on what translation you read, there is no denying that she is a character that can stand on her own. In Hyrule Warriors Legends she has her own path which is pretty interesting to say the least I actually wish it was in the Wii U version of the game. Linkle uses twin crossbows that fire rapidly, I like to call …