A Gamer's Thoughts - Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo

Demo available on PSN and XBLive; version played PS4

My Thoughts
This isn't going to be an impression seeing as how it is a demo but I did want to share my thoughts on it as this demo is different than the Episode Duscae demo that came with Final Fantasy Type 0. First things first, this demo is short and by short I mean ridiculously short. On my first playthrough I beat it in about 25 minutes. The demo takes place in Noctis' dreams. When the game opens you are met by his spirit guide with the purpose of the demo being to find the path out and to him waking up. One thing I noticed when I started my play was that this looks great. Graphically speaking the visuals are amazing and I am guessing by the time the game releases it will be even better. The demo is also broken up in to four sections. With each section offering up a different type of terrain/area. The detail in each section is pretty good. One section is an obvious homage to Alice in Wonderland which I have to admit was done pretty well.

Besides the length there are some major differences between the Platinum Demo and Episode Duscae. The Platinum Demo is focused just on Noctis. In his dream world he is a child, so the demo has a Kingdom Hearts type feel to it especially when it comes to the weapons he uses to fight his nightmares. The nightmares are versions of the goblins and stalkers from Duscae. They look kind of like holographic projections. It is obvious that this demo is focused on the exploration rather than fighting. I almost get the feeling that Square Enix want people to get a better taste of the world fans will be inhabiting come September 30th.

For the most part I think that the Episode Duscae is a better demo than the Platinum Demo. Duscae is more action packed and shows the main four characters that will be in the game. Not to say that the Platinum Demo doesn't have its good points, personally I am more of an action oriented gamer. I am still looking forward to this game even with all of the development hell that it went through. Hopefully the experience will be worth the wait in September.

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