Film Review - Justice League vs Teen Titans

The Movie
The newest animated release from Warner Bros and DC is sure to pull on the nostaglia strings of some people. In this movie, Damian Wayne is sent to the Teen Titans in order to learn the importance of teamwork and to be around kids his age. If you have been following the animated movies then you know how Damian is and how this would be an exercise in patience for the members of the Titans. Just like you would expect from the DC animation house, this animation is visually beautiful. The character models look great and the voice acting is good as well. The action as well is good, nothing that really stands out to me but it is good. The Titans themselves are a pretty interesting group. In this interpretation Starfire runs the team and his obviously older, basically she's the "mother hen" if you will of the group.  This brings me to a small gripe that I have with this particular movie. To me it seems like DC is trying to get people thinking about the original Teen Titans cartoon that came out on Cartoon Network in the early 2000's (not Teen Titans Go). For the climatic fight scene its actually all the characters from that show plus Blue Beetle. Also I had a problem with the character of Raven and its more on the writing side then anything else, but to me it just felt like all her lines were just flat. I know that her character is pretty much a very "emo" type of character but the lines just didn't work for me. Damian Wayne is the standout in this feature and its fun to see him come up with plans and then have other characters look at him and he just says "What". I think that's what I like the most about this movie, its just a lot of fun. The Justice League characters as well are fun and they get some great lines and some pretty good one liners in as well. Its nice to see DC and WB not take themselves so seriously for once. Hopefully there animated line keeps doing well and it will influence some of their live action counter parts.

For Parents
There isn't anything to bad in this movie, it is rated PG-13 just so you know. There is some fighting but most of the fights outside of the one with the Justice League are against demons and monsters. There is a scene in which they delve into Raven's backstory a little bit and it does involve a cult and the mention of sex. Outside of that I honestly don't see anything wrong with this feature.

The Verdict
This a BUY. DC and WB continue to do a great job on the animated front. I honestly look forward to their animated features because of the quality and just how good they are in general. There is a mid-credits stinger in which they show a fan favorite of the original series making her way to Titans Tower. Like I said earlier a lot of love for that original series from Cartoon Network.


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