First Impressions - Star Fox Zero

Available on the Wii U

The Game
People have been asking for a Star Fox game for a while now and Nintendo has released Star Fox Zero, which was co developed by Platinum Studios. I bring up Platinum Studios because I love that Studio and their games. This Star Fox game however, is not a new entry in the series but rather a remake of the N64 classic with upgraded visuals, new vehicles, and new secrets. The game starts with Team Star Fox getting a call from General Pepper that the evil Andross is back and is attacking the planet Corneria, more importantly the capital city. The basic gist of the game is take on missions until you get face to face with Andross. I won't spoil anything from the story of the game but let's just say that it isn't that bad. From a visual point of view the game is beautiful. There is nothing like looking at the Great Fox for the first time in outer space or when you are flying through Corneria. Of course you really don't have much time to sightsee in this game. Platinum are the masters of action videogames and they do not disappoint here.

The Game Play
Now here is where the fun or pain is depending on your viewpoint. The game employs a dual screen control type for the solo game experience. Your game pad houses your cockpit view while the TV shows all the action. The cockpit view is used for precise shooting and you use the game pads gyro sensor for steering. The Right thumbstick is used for boosting while Zr is used for shooting and Zl is used for targeting. There has been many a complaint on the Net since the game has been released about the controls of this game. I will be honest there is a learning curve and Platinum and Nintendo have added a Training Mode for those that want to familiarize themselves with the controls. Personally, I have found the controls to be awesome. Yes, at first it did take a little getting used to but after the Corneria mission I was getting a feel for it and understanding how the controls are meant to work. This game being an arcade shooter, I think benefits from the controls but only if the gamer is willing to put the time in to learn them. There is a co-op mode which allows for one player to fly and the other to shoot and this might help for those who need the assistance. This is couch co-op so the person will need to be in the house or wherever you are playing. Its also worth mentioning that there are different vehicles that are used but they function pretty much the same way, they just give you a different feel of the action. My advice would be to go through the training mode to get used to the different vehicles. The training mode is a very good mode and I am glad they added it in the game.

The Sounds
Here's where things get a little interesting. The way the game is set up the sound comes through the game pad speakers. It gives the illusion of surround sound as you can hear your squadmates and enemies flying by you. Its pretty cool and I actually like that about the game as it gives a level of immersion in the game. That being said the voice acting and music is pretty good. It's anthropomorphic animals so there is a certain amount of cheese that will be said along with the dialog. Other than that its great, an awesome job on the soundtrack to this game.

The Wrap
This is a remake of the N64 classic and that was short. This game is as well, there's no use getting around that one. However, there is replay value to be had in the game as you can replay missions as you clear them to find alternate routes and find collectibles. There is also amiibo functionality as well. Using the Falco amiibo will allow Fox to pilot the Black Arwing. Using the Fox amiibo will allow for the original Arwings from the SNES to be used as well as some of the music will change to that of the SNES classic. Personally, I like the Black Arwing better but that's just my personal preference. I would love to recommend this game to people but I'm going to be honest with you. If you are one of those people who don't want to learn the controls of a game and just want to hop in without knowing what they are doing and play, then you're not going to like this game. This game rewards those who learn the controls and can handle the game play. If you don't have a problem with that then you will more than likely enjoy this game.

Game Play

Images via Wii U Image Share and the Star Fox website
**Note: I downloaded this game as I have no intention of playing Star Fox Guard. I have a personal issue with Tower Defense games. **

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