First Look - Lost Reavers Beta

Available on Wii U

The Beta
The past weekend the beta for the Lost Reavers game was made public on the eShop. The beta is open from April 14 - 26th with the game releasing on April 28, 2016. Its an online game with the purpose of using four characters to hunt for a relic in an area and bring it back to the base. The four characters that are available are Sayuri, Victoria, Dwayne, and Shadowstalker. Each character plays differently and utilizes a unique style all their own. Sayuri uses a katana and an SMG with an 80 round clip. Victoria uses dual guns, one a revolver and the other an automatic. Dwayne has damn near every weapon known to man. Honestly, though he is strapped and ready to bring the pain should the need arise. Shadowstalker uses a shotgun and axe to deal with enemies. You start the beta off with a tutorial to get you used to the controls and what each character plays like. Personally, I like using Sayuri as in my opinion she is faster than the other characters. I can see how this game can be a lot of fun especially when you have a good squad of people rolling with you through the area. Graphically, it looks okay to me nothing really stands out but that may be because its the beta. I thought that each of the different areas looked good and were unique. Its important to note that if you go through a certain area more than once there are changes made to the rooms and enemy spawn points. The game kept me on my toes a little and I appreciated that to an extent.

The game plays kind of like the old school Gauntlet games from Midway. In the beta I fought against Mummies and Zombies but there were also enemy generators that spawned more enemies if you didn't take care of them. That's where team cooperation will come in handy especially once you get the Relic and are trying to lug it back to the base. There are obstacles to get past as well as enemies to deal with, a couple of times I played with people that I guess didn't know what the objective was and that was a little frustrating. However, playing with some friends we would wreck shop as everyone knew their role and it made getting through the area that much easier. There is an upgrade mechanic where you can upgrade weapons and set skills to your character. My guess is that it will be more fleshed out once the game is released. For now though it is adequate to get an understanding of the game.

Final Thoughts
Not bad for a Beta. I have not had any connection issues while playing. However, I did speak with Andre, The Game Idea Guy and he said that he had been dropped out of a couple of matches. Also I did notice when we were playing that one of characters dropped out midway through the mission. Other than that I had some fun with this one and I may pick it up. I have to admit I do miss the classic Gauntlet type game so this will fill that void for me.

Game Play Vid

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