Gamer's Thoughts - Linkle from Hyrule Warriors

Available on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

The Character
It's been known for a while that Hyrule Warriors Legends would have characters that weren't available on the original Wii U release. For the purpose of this post I just want to focus on one character in particular. Don't worry I will be giving my first impressions on the game at a later date. The character I want to discuss is Linkle. Despite what some people may believe she is not a female version of Link. The character has a completely different playstyle, uses a different weapon, and quite frankly is faster than her big brother. While I understand the "big brother" comment may or may not be true depending on what translation you read, there is no denying that she is a character that can stand on her own. In Hyrule Warriors Legends she has her own path which is pretty interesting to say the least I actually wish it was in the Wii U version of the game. Linkle uses twin crossbows that fire rapidly, I like to call them the AR-15 of crossbows. She doesn't have the green hat and tunic like Link but she does rock a green hood. One thing that I found interesting is that she has a compass that she carries with her at all times. That and the fact that cuccos don't hate her like they do Link because she raises them. Hopefully Nintendo adds her to more games in the Zelda series. Like Lana, I think she would be a great addition to the main Zelda series.

Her Fighting Style
Fast. Fast. Fast. Is what I have noticed about her playstyle in Hyrule Warriors. The twin crossbows are a plus as they give her a long range weapon in her arsenal. She does have a spin attack like Link but hers is enveloped in fire. Now in the Hyrule Warriors games super moves are exaggerated but I can't help but figure that her moveset would be easily transferable in a mainline Zelda game. I have to admit that in Hyrule Warriors her moveset comes in handy in a couple of the scenarios where speed is an asset. Especially, in the Challenge Mode of the game where you have so many minutes to take out a specific number of enemies. She's a real fun character to explore the game with from a game play standpoint.

The Wrap Up
I don't know in what capacity Linkle will be utilized in the future but here's hoping that she is around for a while. There has been calls for Nintendo to have playable characters in the Zelda series for a while now and this may just be one way to see that come to pass. I still think that the Zelda series has a plethora of characters that I would love to see their stories as the world of Hyrule always seems to expand with every game. Especially with the new lore that tends to pop up in every title since Ocarina of Time. Check out the game play vid below and let me know what you think in the comments section.

Game Play Vid

Images from Hyrule Warriors Wii U and Official Nintendo

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