Series Review - Street Fighter Resurrection

Series Review
Well that was unbelievably short. The follow up to the fan favorite Assassin's Fist web series and later BluRay/DVD release, has some good to it and some bad. I hate to have to say it but just from the outside looking in, it looks like Capcom wanted this done. The series is kind of a prequel to Street Fighter V and while the fights are enjoyable something just seems to be missing from this series. Let me start with the good. The fight choreography once again is great in my opinion. The creators do a good job of showing off the different fighters styles and attacks even the way the carry themselves during fights. Most of the acting is done well even at the most predictable of story elements and sequences. The character that I liked the most was Nash. I liked what they did with him and the actor playing him did a very good job in my opinion. Note I said most of the acting, not all (I have to specify because well you know how the Internet is). Let's talk about the bad. First, there are only four episodes and they are each about nine and a half minutes long. I have to admit I was not expecting that, I was actually expecting what I got with Assassin's Fist. The web series then varied between 12 and 15 minutes long and on the blu ray even added a bonus 13 minute scene. Another problem is Laura, I don't want to say that the actress portraying her was bad but I feel that she didn't have the best lines. I loved her fight scenes but everything else with her didn't work for me. Also the predictable warehouse/dock scene, as a movie fan I've seen these scenes to much and I can always tell what is about to happen and I was pretty much right in my predictions for this scene as well. In all honesty Resurrection just felt out of place in my opinion. I had read in an article that the next story was supposed to had be the World Warrior story. I'm hoping that they can go back to that story at some point and that this was just a one off so that Capcom could have something to tie in to the game.

For Parents
A little bit more tame than Assassin's Fist. Like I said earlier its only four episodes and there is mostly hand to hand combat. There is a shootout but there isn't any blood or gore or anything like that. At the time of this post it is only on go90, its an app that is available on your phone or tablet.

The Verdict
I was expecting more from this, especially after how great Assassin's Fist was in regards to both story and fight choreography. I feel like this series suffered from the same problem that happened with the Mortal Kombat web series. Corporations decided to get involved and the end product is of less quality than the original vision. Here's hoping that if they do another one they will at least be able to get back to that original vision.

Street Fighter: Resurrection - Second Trailer

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